Bourne classic car show


I’m assuming this is the right place to ask…

Will the OC have a stand at the show this year and will it be possible to show mine on it?



Being as the last post in this section was nearly a year ago, I’d guess that the Lincolnshire Area don’t use this forum for local communication. You may want to contact the Area Coordinator directly or maybe look in their Facebook topic at the top of the section.


We had all events automatically copied from the website on to our forum. 

But that seems to have stopped with the new website. 

All our events and contact details are on the new website front page. 

There is some chat on facebook. 


Are you referring to chat on Facebook about the classic car show? I have “liked” the lincs page but not seen anything about Bourne on there from posts this year.

From the fairly blunt response you gave I must say i am a little put off joining any stand you may end up having. I am not feeling very welcomed at the moment, which is a shame as the OC had a nice mix of mx5s at the show last year