Brake caliper

 Hi I need some help. I recently purchased a new N/s rear caliper fro Eurocarparts. it was an exchange item with a surcharge on the old one. When the delivery was made, the old caliper had been removed and the driver was in a hurry and would not wait for us to check the new one. my problem is that the bracket/arm, where the handbrake cable attaches to the caliper was missing from the new part. The old part had gone and Eurocarparts are not even as useful as a chocolate fireguard,when it comes to helping me get out of my current predicament (No handbrake) can anyboby suggest a solution. I just need the bolt and the lever/bracket. thanks in advance Terry


Give Andrew @ Autolink UK a ring. He’ll almost certainly have the bits you need and will get them in the post to you asap.

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ECP used to be my first port of call (when they only supplied parts for BMW and a few other makes). However, after a couple of episodes where they supplied the incorrect (brake system) parts twice I’ve become increasingly wary of dealing with them. I ordered parts online for my wife’s car only to find the discs were totally incorrect and the pads were nothing like what they were supposed to be. I rang my nearest depot (the one I normally use) and was given a “not our problem” answer. After re-ordering the parts they again turned up incorrect. This time I managed to ring head office who told me that the local depot should have dealt with it in the first place. I eventually got the problem sorted out but it took two visits to the depot (12 miles each way) to finally get the correct parts. The reception I received there was off-hand to say the least - I would have preferred some sort of apology. It was a very long time before I used them again.

My son more recently had a similar problem. Definitely ordered correct parts, wrong parts turned up; big problem to sort out.

Again, I think the service you get boils down to the staff in post at the time…

I use my local motor factor if possible - they recognise my voice on the phone and usually give me a discount.