Brake Discs - No Stock?

Hi all,

Apologies if this should go to the technical area, but I’m struggling to get hold of some brake discs… I have a standard brake system in my 1.8 mk2/NB, and wanted some drilled and grooved discs (EBC Turbo ones looked perfect) for the front, and standard EBC ventilated ones on the rear. Both seem to be out of stock everywhere I’ve tried. I need to get them done ASAP. Any ideas?

I’m assuming there is a larger supply issue at the moment, so it might be I just have to wait or buy some cheaper interim discs until they come in stock.

Many thanks in advance for any help!


Try RockAuto; huge US aftermarket parts, have various track-type brakes from “Power Stop” (“Street Warrior”, “Track Day”). I’ve used them, they quote prices for UK delivery, including VAT etc, so supereasy, barely an inconvenience. You can get quick delivery, 2-3 days.

Check Racing Beat Europe as well; they tend to source from US suppliers, so might be less affected by whatever is going on with the UK suppliers.

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Thank you very much! RockAuto seem to have a really good stock, so I’ll be placing an order there I think :blush: