Brake rewind tool?


I’m looking to buy a brake rewind tool for my NC 3.5. I can see there are sets you can buy that cover multiple cars, but prefer to avoid buying a whole set.

I did find this, which says it works with most Japanese cars.

Does anyone have a recommended brake rewind tool?


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Yep I bought that one and have used it on my NC with great success. :+1:


I have this one.

This works very well, small and easily stored. 1/2" drive. Simple and effective.


This one for me, worked well, simple tool. Is two sided, so for small and not so small pistons. eBay or Amazon can’t remember.


Hmm, as someone who fiddles with various cars I find buying a set of a tool type to fill a gap in my arsenal tends to see me in good stead years down the line. Specific one-off tools (I have several, alas) tend to be used once and then gather dust after that particular car has moved on.

So I bought this generic wind back set from Az for £16 (price is variable). Adaptor E worked well on the NC rear calipers. I don’t know which adaptor is for the front, it might be the same one, but having the set I’m not bothered.

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Just a ‘G’ clamp will do on the fronts, they just need pushing back rather than winding. They have no slots, so I guess that stepped fitment in the lower case left top will do the job for fronts Richard. :ok_hand:


The bit which matters is the part with the two pegs on, different cars have different peg configurations.
Then there are left-handed and right handed rewind tools.
For the sake of a few extra quid, I’d buy the full kit, it will eventually come in handy when your family, friend or neighbour wants to borrow it.
If you’re in or around Leeds, I’m sure i could use my staff discount and get the full kit for not much more than the hilka tool your’e looking at.

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I once did it with a pair of pointy pliers and some mole grips with brute force (not my MX5 mind) because I didn’t do my homework and was in a hurry!:roll_eyes::wink::laughing:

Did the rears on my NC with just a flat bar, just like a big screw driver.

Yes I was surprised how easy then rewound, thinking a flat metal bar would have sufficed

Another vote for the Screwfix/Hilka unit. Works fine and not just on the Mazda. I’ve used it on VWs and Vauxhalls too. Worry about a ‘full kit’ when you need it. Compared to paying a garage to change brake pads, £12.99 for the simple tool, even if you use it once, is a bargain.


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Thanks everyone. Having said I wouldn’t buy a set, I bought a set for £20. It wasn’t a great deal more, comes with a case and got it delivered to my door.

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When I changed all my discs and pads earlier this year I just used the end of a wide file as Mick said they screw back in really easily.

I have a cheap lazer set. Has served me well for a few years. I have previously also used the disc removal spanner fron a 4.5" angle grinder in the past. The two pins were in just the right place !