Brands hatch

Hello…I’m a new member & I’d like to pop down from Essex as I’m local…I’m on holiday at the moment in  the lake District no not in the mx5… a ford b max ??..but heading home Tom looking to take my 11 year old son too…but mabye looking at booking the weekend ticket  asap & shooting down early sun to Cobham services for a wee link up with you lot…I couldent post on the other link so I’ve come here…hope that’s ok…just bought my second mx5 a few weeks ago…a cosmic blue mk 2 svt…??

I responded to your other post saying that the discount is only valid for Sunday. Are you sure you want to travel from Essex to West London to just drive back along the M25 to Brands? Of course you’re more than welcome but being on the east side of London it sounds like you’d be better off driving there direct?

Cosmic blue, I’m not familiar with that colour, so interested in seeing it.

If it helps, there will be at least 7 cars from Eastern area meeting at Birchanger Services, junction 8 of M11 (Stansted junction).

Haven’t sorted time we’ll be leaving there yet but will be about 8.15am I’d have thought.

Thanks that  may suit us better then…that’s only 10 mins from me Harlow is  Jct 7…IL book the weekend ticket today regardless…it’s only £20 anyway…& IL get my membership sorted as well…lastly do we get any discount at any Mazda dealers if we mention the club…I’ve got to go in today when I get back & order a few oil filters …cheers Jim…


Here’s a link to the post on the Eastern area page, if you can go on there and say you’re going I’ll add you to our list of attendees.–Sunday-23rd-June.aspx

You’re lucky being one junction away from the meet point, we’re about 75 miles away!

With regards to Mazda dealers it can be hit and miss, one will do discount while another won’t. The Mazda dealer in Norwich won’t (after a local member upset them), however twenty miles away the other branch of the same dealership does. It’s worth a try to ask.