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For the last 2 or 3 years I’ve had personal breakdown cover with Autoaid. I’ve renewed each year.
This time around, though, when I called them to renew ( I’d declined the ‘offer’ of automatic renewal ), I had to go through a bit of a grilling about what car I drive. The MX5 is on a SORN, and my regular daily is a 2006 Yaris. The person on the other end was very keen to know the age of the Yaris, and there seemed to be some sort of screening taking place in regards to the vehicle’s age.

As the Autoaid cover is/has been sold on the basis that it’s the driver who is covered, rather than the car, I’ve wondered since then what the status of this policy/cover is.

On looking at the Green Flag website, I notice that for their ‘personal breakdown cover’, it only applies if you’re driving a car less than 16 years old.

Has anyone else had thoughts about what exactly they are covered for with Autoaid ?

I used to be with them until they ramped the prices up a couple of years ago. I sort of spit my dummy out over that and with the recent lack of use of both cars didn’t renew.
It’s still good value and I like the fact that it’s personal, so owning two cars I’m covered in whichever I’m driving.
Classic cars are covered, it says so in the promotion blurb so an ageing MX-5 surely should be covered.
Can’t find the small print though on that website, hope it’s available when signed up, should be before really.

We have used AutoAid for years and have had good service on the one occasion we had a breakdown.

Although the prices have risen over the years they are still good value.

Their annual policy at £59.99 covers both myself and my wife in any vehicle.

However they recently added a supplement to provide cover for vehicles over 15 years old. Total annual price with this cover is £74.99 so a fifteen quid supplement.

While this may seem a little unfair if you have a very well maintained 16 year old car I’m sure you can think of couples with several old wrecks on the drive that maybe ought to pay a bit more.

As my post above, nothing in the blurb on their website about supplements, just says they cover classic cars bla bla.
No worries ATM my current car 14 years old but up for sale.

The headlines on the website say ‘from £59.99’. It’s when you get to page two of the application that they offer the upgrade to cover for vehicles over 15 years old.

Seems logical that older vehicles will be more likely to break down. I would guess that if they didn’t use the two tier pricing we would all be paying £64.99.

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Breakdown cover is much like insurance nowadays in that you have to read through the 54,000 pages of small print to make sure you are paying for what you actually want. They will happily take your money until you need them & surprise surprise you are not covered. I cancelled my green flag when I discovered the furthest they will take you is 50 miles. I have family cover with the RAC now & have used them twice, both on newer cars. One with power steering failure & another with a ruptured tyre from a pot hole.

Years ago it used to be a breakdown/rescue service, now it’s an insurance policy against breakdown.
Or has it always been like that?

Historically Autoaid was an insurance policy and you had to pay for any breakdown/recovery costs at the point of use yourself and then put in a claim to Autoaid to recover your outlay. They now organise and pay for everything just like most of their competitors do.

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Never had a problem with AutoAid. 3 cars: 2007, 2010 and 2011.
Claimed three times in about 10 years.
Last one 3 years ago. Quick prompt service - needed a low loader as dead tyre

YES, prices have gone up since they were taken over but brill compared to other folks offerings.

They don’t have their own vehicles but use a network of local companies. From my experience these are reputable companies and certainly not back street cowboys.

Oh dear, I’m with Autoaid and all old vehicles with an old motorbike too - 30, 29, 25 and 24.
I assume the price increase for old vehicles will apply to renewal as well as new policies?

I’ve been with Autoaid for, I think, four years. I’ve called them out twice; once for my car (two burst tyres from one pothole) and once for a motorcycle (wiring fault). Superb service both times, extremely professional and they arrived in less than an hour on both occasions. Better breakdonwn recovery service than we ever received from the AA and for a fraction of the price.

I renewed a couple of months ago, £60 I think. Covers my wife and/or me, two cars and two motorcycles; one bike is 20 years 0ld and the other is 42 years old.

My Autoaid experience has been beyond critiscism.