Breakdown cover


Has anyone got any recommendations for breakdown cover for a 1996 MX5?


I’m with Autoaid. You pay up front for the recovery then claim it back.

Been with the AA for 10 years now (got our Gold members’ cards this year) and we are very happy customers. Of course I have to ring them up each year to bargain them down on price, and they are still by no means the cheapest, but they have always been reliable and there when we need them.

Have family membership with the AA.  Like Paggers we have to threaten to leave each year and they then halve the price !

Just joined auto aid, £39 for me and my wife.

Not had to use it so I can’t confirm the service levels…

I rate GREENFLAG, when I was with another company my Saab’s turbo blew on a Sunday morning, I was trailered home, but it then cost me £50 to get the car taken to the garage the following day, with Greenflag they will come back and complete the job. When I called on their services another time (same car) the service was first class. 

Thanks all for your help. Just found out will not cover me as the car is too old!

Will keep looking but suspect I will go with Green Flag.




Check the small print with Greenflag. I had my Mk1 covered with them but needed to change the policy if I wanted to continue having their cover. At 16yrs old (the car that is) they won’t cover you if you have the personal cover option.