BRG Mk2 in Oakham

 Parked in Church Street, around lunchtime today.

Well it wasn’t us[:)]

Thanks, Henry. Now if everbody that it wasn’t replies, that should narrow it down a bit [:)]  Only 15, 376 or so to go[*-)]
See you Tuesday.

I’m amazed that you know how many BRG Mk2’s there are[:O][:P][:D] - Anyway, what’s the usual count of 5’s around Oakham - and should we get some ER Fenland Fives business cards made up?

No it’s not worth it, most of them haven’t found out that the roof comes down yet or that they can steer and wave at the same time [:(] 
Also spotted red Mk1 in Stamford this afternoon (keeps us on topic!). Got ignored by him as well.