BRITCAR 2012 - Advance Tickets 'How-to'

My you’re an impatient lot… Big Smile

So you can’t wait for August’s Soft Top Hardtop magazine to find out the details, ok, fair-do’s, here’s how:


1. The BRITCAR website can seem a tad misleading; so that you start on the right foot, please use the link below to get to the correct Car Club Tickets page:



2. After you’ve filled in your name and address details you’ll see a drop-down box titled:

“With which Car Club are you affiliated?”

Tick the ‘MAZDA’ option, not even the Ferrari owners Club are getting infield passes Big Smile


3. Now, VERY IMPORTANT this one: underneath the “With which Car Club are you affiliated?” box is a free-text box that states:

“If other, please specify”

Please ensure that you write in here ‘MX5OC - INFIELD PASS’


4. Then simply hit the ‘Submit’ button and part with 30 quid and that’s it, you’re part of the biggest INFIELD Car Club display at this years BRITCAR three-day extravaganza.


Hopefully the above makes sense…

See you there Cool

Booked a pair