BRITCAR 2012 - Another great mx5oc motorsport special

Yet again Jon pulls a special treat out of the bag for us mx5oc members.  Motorsport events really making membership worthwhile.  Many thanks for a great weekend.  The highs and lows of MISSIONMOTORSPORT with the whole team working hard to bring home a great result, such a big well done to all. A cracking parade lap and as ever a great friendly bunch of mx5 enthusiasts, great to have met you all and thanks for the company.

Hope journys home on spray ladden wet motorways were safe and secure.

Till next time, Ian & Jack

Indeed, a great weekend at Silverstone with access all areas and a chance to drive the full F1 International circuit was a real bonus and a bit of fun. Many thanks to Jon & Iain and everyone else for all the effort in promoting the MX5OC at such a prestigious event.

Our own Jon Smith ended up (and at v short notice) having to become the official race director to the Mission Motorsport team and had to spend much of Saturday and Sunday on the pit-wall calling the shots and strategy for the teams` race, which as Jon will surely let you know did not go quite to plan when this happened at around 3am on Sunday morning.

We are riding in the Mission Motorsport Nissan 370Z, the safety car is just peeling off into the pit lane, the race is effectively re-starting with the Mission Motorsport car leading the field past the pit straight and into Copse…

Click me Shock

Yes - I would like to add our thanks to Jon and the rest of the team for a great day on Saturday. Everyone was helpfull and friendly, especially in the Pits where we were encouraged to go in and look around by the teams. A shame we didn’t have a bigger turnout of Fives - the weather on Saturday was superb.

Steve & Gay

 A great weekend the highlight being the chance to drive the full Siverstone GP course. I was a little worried that we were following the TVRs but they all managed to keep going for 2 laps Big Smile

 Yes excellent weekend again. Thanks to Jon for all his hard work and to Louise for her support. The Mission Motorsport guys were fantastic with the access we were allowed. Great free coffee at the stand, well done to the gent manning it for most of the time (possibly Mike, sorry I am hopeless with names) and glad we could help in some small way to pack it up at the end of the day. Superb day and night track and pit action, spirited parade laps, grid walk, sunny Saturday, dry night, bit of rain Sunday, we had it all.

Lets hope we can do it all again next year.

Waiting for parade lap

Track action

Night in pits.

Pit stop

Mission Motorsport team

On the grid

Oh and a bit of glamour (the grid girl not me)

 Thanks Jon, Lou and Ian for keeping us entertained on the stand, I must admit having Ice on my tent saturday morning was a shock. As always every one I met from the club was fantastic. A great result for Mission Motorsport, I hope the Silver Nissan was repaired in time for leaving. Thumbs up

Thanks for a tremendous weekend, MX5OC had great location, good coffee and fantastic company!

And a (another) video of the parade laps

Please can someone (Jon maybe) who understands it all confirm the results for us.

From the very complicated pdf on the Britcar site it looks as if Mission Motorsport came 10th in Class 17th overall is that right.

 Parade laps here  


Yes it probably looks slow and we had to slow down at times to get a bit of space, but the safety car did a good job and helped us gain enough space to get some good speeds up at times. great opportunity to experience the full GP Circuit. I am sure those that did it will agree.

That’s right mate. 17th overall.

Full write-up in the next STHT…just finished writing it!

TY again Phil for the piccies Thumbs up

Big thanks to Jon & all involved in organising this, another fantastic event.


A few pics from the day/night:


Quote of the weekend was from Jon, telling of when a TVR club man asked him why they don’t get a place on the infield, response? “Because we’re better than you” cue cheeky grin. Genius!

As I sit here looking for reasons to delay the inevitable commute, could I just say thank you to everyone; not only for dipping your hands in your own pockets to attend the event, but then for pitching in and helping out.

This weekend I saw everything that I love this Club for: The team working as a team Thumbs up

Afternoon all from a wet and windy Winchester. Excellent and interesting piccies, Phil  and from reading the posts another very successful event organised by Jon.

So well done Jon and a sincere thank you to all who particpated and helped. Sorry I wasn’t there but seeing my team smash 4 goals in the second half at St Mary’s sort of made up for it. 

Roger Mead, Club Chairman

Yes, great weekend, really enjoyed it. Cant do better than camping at a motorsport event with great company and a drive round Silverstone.

Thanks Jon, shame you ended up so busy so we couldnt chat/eat/drink more…


Anyone know who was in the white stickered up Mk1 with blue mirrors that followed me on the parade lap? Was wondering if they have a video to put up on YouTube…I’ll likely feature in it…

Just found a few more pictures from the line-up for the parade lap:

Seems like a lifetime ago already!

Really hoping James Tucker can warrant the expense next year, will be a blow for more than just us if this event falls off the British motorsport calendar…once gone we’ll never see it back again Sad

Just had an email about the MaxiEndurance 48 (yep, thats a 48 hour race!) in Navarra, Spain next March, just need to find Mission Motorsport the 18,000 Euro entry fee Confused

 Really hope it is on again next year and that you will be organising it Jon. Not read the write up in STHT yet, but well done for getting it written up so quickly during your busy and tiring schedule.

According to my ‘sent items’ it was fired off to lavenhams at 2210 on the very last day of the deadline (s0 in toher words was a day late!) Makes it even more incredible that the very same article landed on my doormat bound together with a cracking magazine full of cracking stories just a week later!

Thanks for the vote of confidence! If James manages to bring a 2013 race to us, we’ll be there. Bigger and better…