Three day events mean a little input by many, or just a few very tired faces by day 3 so if you fancy volunteering to help man the Club ‘welcome desk’ in our marquee please drop your name, preffered day and AM or PM below:

Thank you Big Smile

UPDATE: 04 Sep:

Rather than tie everyone down to when/where, we will run a live volunteer rota in the marquee, thank you to everyone that has offered to help so far.

Only time I foresee the stand being unmanned is during the Saturday parade laps and after I’ve cued everyone up and got all the cars off the stand and onto the circuit, I’ll sit tight and wait for everyone to get back.

For anyone new to this sort of thing it’s really not onerous, it’s just simply a case of having a ‘face’ of the Club present during the day so that any of the 100,000 visitors the BRITCAR attracts have someone to talk to…generally it becomes a bit of a social gathering anyway!

Oh, and the coffee is in the marquee too, you’ll need lots of that after three days and one night of thrills and spills!!!

Update Sat 15 Sep:

The marquee will be ‘officially’ open 10-4 each day (Fri, Sat, Sun).

If people fancy having a BBQ, or just chilling out on the stand after 4pm they’re more than welcome but we won’t be asking anyone to help out beyond early evening.

 I need to check whether I’m already doing something over these dates. If not, I’ll help out where poss. J16 BBR - one of the two black LM’s.

 Me and the Mrs (as she will become the day before) will be happy to help on the Sunday AM if you need us newlyweds!! (preferably not too early as we will have had a long previous day!)


Edit: sorry unable to make this now… orders!

 Jon, I cant make the Friday but will be there for Saturday and Sunday. Am sure I can spare a bit of time on the Saturday if you need help.


I can’t make friday (work) but I’m available any time you want sat/sun.


Roger Hawkins

 Ticket purchased. Friday AM duty preferred.

 Hi Jon, having enjoyed the benefits of everyone else’s hard work at Blyton I would be happy to help out on the Saturday PM if I am one of the succesful 100.

 Doug, was that a camping ticket. All I need is an admission ticket for car and two people but cannot find that on the 1st tickets web site.

 Update: Pair of tickets ordered so definitely available for weekend duties. Salute

No to them being camping tickets. I ordered a three day pass for a car , driver and passenger - £30. Bit of a brgain if you ask me. 

Hi Jon,

We should be there again spannering for the MacG Racing Ultima GTR. If you see her give her a cheer. Hopefully it wont be the one that is on fire, on 3 wheels, or only running on 6 pots as last year!! We are aiming to get past midnight this year.

See you there & feel free to pop over to the garage to say hi to us!!

Cheers, Shane, (York)

I didn’t offer before because I was not sure of times, but I’ll look out for the sign up rota and do some time in the marquee


I am new to the club (joined at Blyton - which was our first event) but am happy to help with anything we can).


Original post updated, but essentially opening times for the marquee are 10-4 each day so not particularly taxing and a little help from anyone willing will go a huge way to ensuring everyone gets to see everything over the weekend.

From Lou and I, thank you all for volunteering so far Thumbs up

Hi Jon & Lou, have been given time off for good behaviour and sorted a ticket & camping so will be more than happy to help out over the weekend, will give you a shout once I am in Silverstone Thumbs up 

Hi Guys,

I’ll be there from Friday night with the team. Just to confirm, our team, MacG Racing are there from Wednesday night onwards, & if anyone wants to pop their heads in to see the manic side of a race team :slight_smile: , feel free. Incase anyone gets bored, which I doubt!!, apparently this year we are also getting the simulator which The Gadget Show used last year for their 24hr endurance session. There is a small charge for this, with proceeds going to charity. Nothing technically to do with us, just he is setting up within our hospitality area, but should be worth a giggle.

Feel free to stick your heads in & cheer us along, or stand pointing whilst everything goes pear shaped!!

Shane, (York) Team MacG Racing - Ultima GTR GT1 Endurance Britcar