BRITCAR - Who's going???

So, in the hope it helps me plan the stand parking ( Confused )

Who’s parted with 30 quid for three days fun???

I’ll begin:

Who:     Jon & Louise (peleton72)

When:    Fri, Sat & Sun

Staying:  Camping

Bringing: Mk 1 trackcar (and a borrowed Mazda Mk 3 Production BRITCAR racecar, and a borrowed MaX5 No1 Mk 3 racecar, and a borrowed Caber Coffee van…oh, and the Mission Motorsport Mk 1 race car…oh, and the Mission T5…)

 Who:  Barry and Roy  (MXBRAT)

When: Saturday.  ( by 09:00).

Bringing: Custom MX5 MK3

 Who:         Peter (walkingboss)

When:         Fri, Sat & Sun,

Staying:       Camping

Bringing: Mk 2.5 daily driver / track car with tastefully placed go faster stickers Embarassed

Who: Adrian (MX5adball)

When: Saturday (before 09:00)

Staying: until late Saturday night/silly hours of Sunday morning

Bringing: Mk2.5 Phoenix

Dave and Jenny Ward

Saturday only in Mk 3 Icon

Are any more tickets available?



Dave, yep, but be quick, they will close the online booking soon as they all pack up shop and head across to Silverstone.

Will be great to see you there…fresh Caber Coffee on tap if it’s an early start Thumbs up

Who: Me (Allan) on my todd !

When: Friday Sat and Sun

Staying: I’ve got my camping ickets ( bit pricey compared to the admission but never mind !!)

Bringing:  my Silver Mk1 1.8iS


Me and Son (he’s currently emailing to see if he can get into the Dunlop Academy)

Arriving  Friday evening (driving up from Kent after school)staying to Sunday afternoon

Camping at suggested campsite

Bringing 2012 White Venture


Just parted with my £30…  so:

Who: Me (Ian) and Jack(13yrs son)

When: Probably Friday eve through to Sunday

Staying: Camping at site - see below

Bringing: Mk2.5 Phoenix, Titanium grey.

Re the camping, I had earlier posted a suggestion:


I’ve looked at the 1st-tickets offer and given that I would be leaving the car on the stand as might some others, a 40sqm pitch looks quite spacious.  Given that the cost is £55 plus £7.50 per person, it crossed my mind that club members intending to not take car on pitch may benefit by coming together to purchase a pitch, my thinking being that 40sqm would easily accomodate 4 people in two small tents without cars at a cost of £42.50 per couple ranther than £70.00 each.

Depending on work I may only be camping sat night with a early get up on Saturday morning as such the £70.00 for camping feels a little steep.  If anyone appreciating my logic wants to organise a pitch with me (promise we’re not noisy), please just shout.

Hence I’ve not yet booked the camping, anyone willing to split cost of a pitch do shout (or pm) and we both save!  I’m entirely happy booking the pitch and 4 people and sorting cash some time over the weekend.  Otherwise I’ll book one by mid week.

Cheers Ian 


I would have happily done that with you but unfortunately I have already booked my camping.

 Who:             Dave & Sharon

When:            Fri, Sat, Sun

Staying:        Camping

Bringing:      BRG Mk1 with Gold Viper stripes

Who:     dragonhunter (james)

When:    Fri, Sat & Sun

Staying:  still working on that. will improvise when i get home from work tonight

Bringing: mk2.5 phoenix everyday driver

Who: Taff & Danny Eunos

When: Friday eve, Sat, Sun

Why: Cos we loves it

Staying: Camping

Bringing: White Lightning supercharged Eunos Roadster R2-Ltd, beer, bacon, paracetamol, ear-plugs for sleeping…

Many thanks to Tim sharing his pitch, camping arrangements are now confirmed and packing can start…

I’ve a volvo V70 on the drive, packing that to camp is just SOOO easy, throw it in no worries!  Packing the 5 is a different matter all together.  Putting it simply, is it vital otherwise it’s not coming.  So:

1 x tent, 2 x sleep mats, 2 x sleep bags, 2 small bags clothes, 1 x trangia and bits, and some drink and food.  Thats about it.  In someways it makes life both quicker and simpler.  Just remembered will need torch this time of year, off too pack one now.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow eve, have a good journey. Ian

parted with me £30,but only can attend sat/sun, 

who: me

when: sat/sun

staying: sleeping bag int car when ma body needs it

bringing: 99 red mk2 everyday carBig Smile