Bronte Run - Parking in Haworth

I know that the Bronte run doesn’t plan to stop at Haworth but some of you may decide to take a look at the vlllage.

Can I remind everyone planning to visit Haworth that the carpark opposite the Edinburgh Wool Shop is notorious for clamping cars. This car park has hit the national press on more than one ocassion - the latest when Betty Boothroyd was clamped.

Stick to the parking rules and you will be ok but offend by having your ticket upside down or not on full view and you risk being clamped. Overstay by the odd minute or so and you will be clamped.

There are other car parks in Haworth and you may prefer to use these.


Absolutely.  My mum and I went there in March and got clamped… £78 pounds later we were able to drive off.  We were clamped because were weren’t parked inside the white lines, which, if you get a magnifying glass you can just about see painted onto the cobbles (which are set out as parking bays) - very dubious.  We were parked neatly inside the parking bay but they said that only one line of cobbles had the white line painted on it.

Just don’t give this man any trade and park elsewhere.