Brooklands Dilema ......M40 or A44 or A51? came in the 5!!!

Do I take the MX5 NC to Brooklands, driving a 400 mile round trip (mainly motorway and dual carriageway) at a cost of £75 in fuel, just t park in the car park and take ARoads?




Take the VW Amarok the company pays the fuel on? and take otorways

Take the MX-5 & pretend you went in the VW…

No contest it has to be the 5

Got to be the Five, you can drive the VW all week but come the weekend it’s good to have a change.

public transport is the green way to go… Innocent


GREEN???  PUBLIC TRANSPORT???     no sorry you’ve lost me there Green I don’t get and travel with the great unwashed??



Just looked at the route M6 M40 M25 not exactly Mx5 roads… unless it’s sunny and someone can suggest a good route

looking at A44 any comments?

Got to be Mx5 to an mx5 rally come on get that roof off heaters on lol you’ll miss it when you get there and everybody are in their ones


At least on the sunday, its likely to be a day of continual heavy rain. No point polishing the car then.

Good idea. I think I’ll go in a totally different car 'cos that’s what you do when you go to an MX5 rally! Come to think of it, maybe you shouldn’t go. After all, it’s cost you a pound for entry, or can you claim that back from your company on expenses too?! Wink

Take whatever road you like but go in the MX5. Rain or shine, come on, have a bit of fun! Laughing


What he said :slight_smile: I am going to take an Amorak in case it rains Wink

Peter long way from Woking?

4 hours of Motorway is not fun in an MX5! I am not afraid of using either of my MX5’s or spending on them

The question really is, what are the A roads like?

To be honest and don’t shoot me down, but I’d take the Amorak. The roads and weather aren’t suited to the 5, and if you’re not showing it or anything. Might aswell take advantage of the better cruiser and free fuel.

Lovely trucks btw, can’t believe I don’t see more on the road

Richard, all said in jest. Lighten up my friend! Laughing

We have a group coming up from Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire  A and B roads all the way  running time about 4 hours  Bril come rain or shine.  

Did Uttoxeter to Aldershot last Monday. ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads all the way, top down, skirted two downpours, great drive. 4 and a half hours. Bring the 5.

Did A49 and A44 in the 5, must have been a good route as lots of nice cars going the other way. Saw 2 Mx5 all day, and 2 ferrari Daytona, and a works Bentley