Browser unsupported

Just wondering what the minimum Safari browser requirement is?
I am using 14.1.2 and can’t get the forum page to load properly.

Discourse list requirements at the link below, it is known that older versions of Safari are not supported.

** edited to note that for IOS minimum version supported is 15.7+ **

Thanks Ian. It worked a week ago, I guess I will be installing chrome.

We did install a critical software update in the last week so likely that something in that has taken umbrage at older versions.

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Me too. Ageing Samsung tablet stopped working properly - had to get the laptop out instead.

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Android 7 (introduced in 2016) and above supports the current version of Chrome so if within that you should be able to update it.

I have a Ipad IOS 14.4.2 safari, unsupported browser on Forum from last week, so can’t make comments
Installed Chrome, but still the same
Not got issues with any other forums I use
currently on my work computer

Can you try from your IOS device and see if you get the same?

A bit more digging shows IOS 15.7+ is required which is quite a recent release (September 2022) so I’m a little surprised on the backward compatibility being quite so aggressive.