bucket seats

I want to put some bucket seats in my eunos.


I am after the weight saving and the additional support/connection with the car.  I want to retain the existing seatbelt if possible and will be installing a 4 or 6 point harness at some later point.  I am doing some sprinting so would prefer FIA stamped seats.

The  best options appear to be 

  1. Sparco sprint V

  2. Cobra monaco pro

  3. Corbeau Forza

Of these I am leaning to Sparco Sprint V as they fit  don’t need an additional bracket  which reduces the cost.

I have sat in my mates car with the sprint V seats and they were more comfortable than I expected.


suggestions, comments please ?



If you drive long distances, these things tend to get uncomfortable so you need to carry some extra padding for support at times.

They are rarely any lighter than a standard seat, unless you go for a light weight, expensive one.

From memory they need to be less than 580 at the shoulders or you have to start canting them over so the door will shut.

Hello Nick, 


the sprint 5 is quoted as 8kg

I have a vspecial eunos with the tan leather seats with the speakers built in so I assumed they were heavier, 

bit of googling threw up the mk1 seats are 15kg including the runners, though if they runnners are 7kg then the seats are no lighter so you may well be right on the weight.


thanks for the tips , I might look at just how expensive the lightweight one are, th0ugh will probably lust be dreaming !, and which ever ones I get some cushions will be purchased. 

My early Eunos cloth seat was 14.8 kg.

I have fitted a fibreglass seat which is not fia approved,  for nat b sprints and hill climbs there is no requirement for fia approval. 

I have bolted my seat to the floor to get my helmet under the roll bar. I am only average height 5’ 11" ish so watch this point carefully! 

As NickD points out watch the comfort,  I can only just cope with the 90 minute journey to Wiscombe before my backside cries enough!

All the best Steve.

i have a corbeau forza in mine i got it cos im tall and wanted to get lower so i put it on the side mounts , you need to be a contorsionist to get it in . i found the best way was to fit the mount by the gear stick to the seat then the other one to the floor push the two bolts on the gear stick side through the holes on the mounts first the drop the seat in, then you need to do them up its not easy you need long skinny arms and a rachet spanner ,once you have done the last one up you might find the spanner is stuck between the seat and the floor i left mine there ,then you have to get the alen bolt in between the seat and the door . do you know a good oesteopath? anyway mines in ,im about an inch lower . its not to uncomfortable you can get an inflatable lumbar support if you need on ,have fun!

I must admit I’m struggling to find a seat I like that fits. Equally I’ve had conflicting reports as to whether an MSA/FIA seat is required?
Whilst I completely understand all motorsport is a financial bottomless pit, there’s also no real justification for spending half of your car’s value on a pair of seats!

To get guidance on the FIA/MAS seat stuff read the blue book and talk to scrutineers, it depends on the event type and class you are running in and then the event organisers can add or remove stipulations as lkong as it is declared in the regs.


try the following links





if it is about sprinting or hillclimbs then read uphillracers, there is a section on the forum where you can post questions about regs.


Personally I am looking at the seats as a way of saving weight.  2 x bucket seats = 16kg (for sparco sprint 5) 2 x leather seats in eunos with speakers built in  = 30kg.  Weights stated are as reliable as the internet

so a saving of 15kg.  

Thanks for the links.

You might want to consider the new Corbeau Clubsport also which comes with runners already attached. Non FIA but talking to them the other day, the wide version fits with a couple of tunnel mods but the normal drops in. They do deals on pairs too.

Dave ,


read thsi thread if you haven’;t already bought seats




People seem to think the cliub sprt s a grteat seat but a bugger to fit.


It will be a while before I buy the seats, are you doing the brisol motor club mx5 challenge ?



I am almost 6ft and I have Sparco Sprint juniors ,non FIA ,as they are out of date ,but they work fine ,nice driving position but if your feeling slightly older than me its a bugger to get out of .I dont do long runs in the car ,mostly track days etc so I imagine they would become uncomfortable alright on long haul flights!!Great fit just bolt in with correct rails and they are narrow enough not to catch the door when closing etc


Thanks for the link. Corbeau themselves put me in touch with a local race shop who did fit the wide club sports in a Mk2. I’m intending to head up to GSM to try some out and then make my mind up. I hadn’t thought of anything outside the Midland Championship for now tbh, my first round is April but I need to get on with things now really.

I have Cobra Monaco which fits and is FIA approved. I have a adapter frame however which does raise it a bit. As nick said hard on long journeys.

I’m having the Clubsports fitted on Monday. So far I’ve trimmed the door bins and the tunnel carpet needs a minor trim. But thats ok for me as its a competition car foremost with road use second. Will post some pics early next week

dave, what competition are you doing ?

Midland Hillclimb Championship for roadgoing cars up to 2000cc. No regulation for MSA/FIA spec seat in roadgoing class

 I am looking at seats on ebay there are a couple of Corbeau pro sports which are 600mm wide at the wings 


is this too big ?


what sidemounts would I need ?


@dave I am doing the Bristol Motor club mx5 challenge.  great fun, hillclimbs worry me slightly , no room for error.  i wil havbe a look at that championship

Bought some sparco sprint V and harnesses secondhand from penarthmx5.  They came with adapted mk1 bases so bolted straight in !]


Harnesses have been added to the existing bolts for the seatbelts and the seatbelts have been kept.


Harness bar ordered from TRLane will bolt the shoulder straps to the bar using the holes drilled for the eyelets.

Will add photos when done.  Old eats are the tan leather one with the speakers in.  They weigh 16kgs each with the seat bases attached, the sparcos are 8kg each with the bases so a saving of 16kg !

seats are comfy if sat in properly and transmitt much mroe of the movement of the car and over the road, whjich is what I wanted.  I will get some cushions for longer jouneys though !




Dave, how are the seats now they’re in? I also bought a clubsport from corbeau but haven’t fitted it yet as it was a little too high on the oem seat runners, and also they were too wide to actually fit the oem seat mounting points in the car. Do you have any pics of yours? Also are the seats supportive and rigid? I’m worried they are a little flimsy, though I’ve not bolted the base down to confirm yet!

Has anyone managed to fit hard shell GRP seats in the Eunos / MX-5?  I’m after some for my son’s car.  Something like these Tillett seats:

I have a shorter version of this seat in my Fisher Fury R1 and its a very comfortable seat. Because it is a perfect snug fit, you get very even weight distribution and even support. It also provides the best driver feedback too.