Bumper primer and badge tape

Hi there, I am repainting.some very light cosmetic damage rubbed down and no filler required, my question is I have gone through colour to a mid gray which looks like primer do you know if it is primer or if the plastic bumper is mid gray in which case I Will need plastic primer. Also where to get double sided tape for the badge. Last question, I can’t get Halfords workshop lacquer any suggestions for a good alternative? Many thanks.

How large a piece of double sided tape do you need. I think I might have a bit of the thicker type of double sided tape that is used to stick number plates on if that might be of some use plus I have some good quality normal double sided tape that might do the job. Let me know where you live and I will put some in the post for you.

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Hello Pollyanna, thank you that’s very kind, I will send my address when I work out how to pm you, again thanks.

Mine is definately black under the bumper paint. I use a plastic primer to touch up any chips before applying a top finish colour.

Thanks Mick I suspect you are right, as it happens I worked in the automotive plastics injection molding and generally bumper polymer was black but could get occasionally be grayhence my question but I think I have just gotten to the gray primer having just broken through the blue colour coat, have now purchased plastic primer, it’s a 2.5 by the way.
Again thanks kindly for your help.

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Hi again Pollyanna, I noticed that the badge had gone concave and has some chrome missing so I have decided to buy a new one, again I thank you for your kind offer. Take care.
Kind regards Dave

The bumper plastic on my NB is black. HTH

Thanks togs driver, that confirms that I didn’t go through the primer so hopefully the paint won’t fall off ! :smile:
Thanks again regards Dave.