Burning rubber smell - front n/s wheel area

Just bought my 5 - a 2003 1.81 6 speed silver 5 with genuine 50k on the clock.  All good except burning rubber smell on front n/s wheel area after only 2 to 3 miies.  Seems to go quickly once stopped.  Any clues?  Tracking?  Brake callipers?  Can’t see anything dripping or running.  Cheers

Could be a caliper binding. If it is, the wheel will be hot. Next time you take it out, stop after a few minutes and go give the wheel a touch. Compare the heat to the others.

Another way to check is to drive along a flat road then put into neutral (best done with no other cars around). If you come to a halt pretty quickly with the car pulling to one side then that’s a good indication of binding brakes. Had that with both front brakes on mine a couple of years back. Had the whole loot (front and rear) rebuilt and have worked fine ever since.


Thanks guys.  Tried Pete’s suggestion - nothing - went on rolling road - not brakes binding - so still not sure what it may be.  Still happening.  Going back to trader I bought it off on Monday but any other suggestions appreciated.