Buying a ND

I think I may finally bite the bullet and get another MX5. I have had a NB, so may get a ND.

Am I correct that the things to look for are :slight_smile:

  1. Rear hub
  2. Window regulators
  3. Rust.

Budget is tight at £10k , but am in no hurry. To get the info screen does that mean the Nav model?


You do not need the ‘Nav’ model but it must have the larger screen, not the little one.
Just to add to your check list:
Roof rubbing on roll hoops.
Gear box operation/noises.
Delamination of centre screen.

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Worth checking in with Paul Roddison in Sheffield to see what he has in.

Thanks, being slow I presume the delamination is easy to spot?
Is the roof rubbing something easy to spot?

Will probably,y buy from a dealer and hopefully stuff like the rear hub is covered.

I don’t think I can buy till January due to finances and a Fiat 500 I will need to sell as well.

Yes, the delamination appears like spider cracks in the corners of the headunit screen.

Where the roof is lowered down behind the roll hoops the two can come into contact with each other, look for scratches on the back of the roll hoops and damage to the leading edge of the roof (assuming its a soft top given your budget).

Thanks. When was the fully adjustable steering wheel introduced. I fear, this maybe a slippery slope where my budget grows with man maths !

Not until the ND2 circa 2019 so well out of budget I’m afraid.

Thanks Gareth. Going to see what the Fiat is worth. I presume it’s worth having but I don’t think I want to wait, till a car into budget!!

Like i say, it would be worth getting in touch with Paul Roddison to see what cars he has or will have coming in, he tends to have good value for money cars for those not looking to spend retail money.

At a franchised dealer the newest that £10K will get you is 10 years old.

As suggested by others give Paul a call. At that sort of budget you’re better relying on aftermarket specialists to service and rectify any problems that do arise.

If Paul is Rodders I have dropped him a PM, cheers all

Budget £10k for an ND👍

Paul had one for good money a while back…

That’s a cracking deal.

I understand that this one was the ‘base’ 1.5 model with the ‘small screen’. I think you are going to struggle to get what you want without upping your budget.

Yes that’s correct, I know someone who has viewed it.
It’s a very tempting buy for anyone wanting to get into an ND.:+1:

I think if comes down to to, I would rather find some more money. I ended up comprising when I bought my NB and it always bothered me. Also being a lot older now, I guess this is my last ICE car so I may as well wait

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