Buying this ND… anyone know its history?

My son is buying this 2019 2.0 Sport Nav+ on Cazoo GC19 MBX.

It’s an unusual spec. Ceramic Metallic and BBS rims, black mirrors. I don’t think these were options on the 2019 model. Does anyone know this car? Or its history?

I don’t know the car BUT they were all options on 2019 models

They did momentarily do a ‘cup’ and ‘design’ pack for the ND in 2019. This link gives the gist of it:
If it had the design pack on it (can’t be the cup one as that’d add the aero kit + some alcantara), it’d also have a lowered suspension (maybe it has, looking at that front arch?) and a Bastuck exhaust, as well of course as the BBS wheels, and photos on the link above of the ND got black side mirrors too.
Whether these packs ever surfaced i don’t know, as I recall looking on the configuration at the time and couldn’t see a ‘pack’ add on.

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I think you’re right. Thanks for the insight. When it arrives, we’ll see if it’s got the upgraded suspension and exhaust on it. It was a very good price on Cazoo who probably didn’t realise it had the upgrades.

I agree on the suspension - definitely looks lower than standard. Looks like a matt finish in the photos… Obviously check it over and if it looks good it probably is…

It definitely is! Arrived today in a Cazoo lorry. Has the Cup kit on it and Apple Car Play upgrade (which we had booked into the dealer to add at £299).

I have to admit I had reservations about buying a car online without seeing it. Cazoo web site included images of the “imperfections” - some stone chips and a scratch. They are unnoticeable- can’t actually see where they are. The whole process was hassle free with excellent communication from Cazoo, the delivery driver knew his stuff and did a v good handover
The bonus is that car was very attractively priced compared to main dealer price… and there’s £2,000 plus (at retail) of upgrades on it which Cazoo didn’t factor into the price.


Great stuff, and am glad Cazoo came good with your ND. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Glad you got a good result. Now you just need to enjoy the car!!!

Good result. I agree with you regarding buying a car online, personally, I wouldn’t even consider it, but thankfully it seems all is good. And there can’t be many of those cup packs on them, either. I didn’t think the place would have known of the options on it. Be sure to update how you think it drives on the lowering springs if you have experience of an 2L Sport Nav without the lowering, to compare.
You mentioned something about stone chips and them being negligible etc. If you’re interested going forward, the MX-5 OEM Ceramic Metallic touch up pen (I think the car is Ceramic?) is excellent. Only about a tenner.

IMHO it drives really well. We’ve had a NC BBR Super 200 with Konis previously, a NB 10AE is in the garage, and my son races a Mk1 in the MX-5 Championship. He thinks it’s set up really well, and pretty quick (he’s “downgraded” from a Golf R :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the tip on the stone chips… which I’m struggling to locate.

And more to add … booked it in to local dealer for the Apple CarPlay upgrade. And then cancelled it because it has ACP installed and was omitted by Cazoo on the spec.