Cabin Fan - Auto Mode

I’ve noticed that my a/c fan seems to be running at full chat regardless of the difference in temperature between the cabin and external temp. This has happened at various times when the a/c has been heating (remember that) or cooling.

The fan is still variable when I switch it manually but I’m just wondering if anyone has encountered similar issues and what I should check.

Edit: I should add that both heating and cooling functions work very well, including open top during today’s fantastic weather.

It uses a thermostat in the Climate Control unit in the cabin to compare results with what you are asking for on the middle knob Temperature setting. If it hasn’t got there the fan will be flat out. If air temp drops below that it will shut off the a/c compressor and might well drop the breeze as well. Same with the heating going up.

Fiddle with the temp setting knob close to the actual cabin temp and give it few minutes to make its mind up to see how it works; eventually it will dither around the right point and slow the blow a bit. But if the lid is off then all bets are also off and it will never make its mind up!

In the wet and winter with lid closed I find it annoying that in Auto the CC sometimes eases off the blower to screen too soon even if the back window defrost button has been pressed, so I set the blower knob full clockwise to screen and I set temp ridiculously hot until the screen is properly defrosted, then all back to the usual 19C or 20C full Auto.