Caffeine&Machine Tickets

I appreciate that to get these tickets has been postponed to today 17th August, and that the work load has been immense to get all the information out to us the members and to the general public and potential members.

I just would like to know when I can get a ticket for the morning session at Caffeine&Machine

I know Iain has been busy up at Gaydon today for Rally planning so I’m sure he’ll sort it out shortly.

Seems the person at Caffeine&Machine who is sorting the tickets is not well, so release has been postpone.

I am hoping to have theses sorted for tomorrow folks, it’s been an unforeseen delay due to illness.

Quite a few people suggesting that the Caffeine & Machine Tickets are sold out as of yesterday Thursday 22nd August ?

Can anyone confirm or otherwise?


Thank you


I hope not, as I have been in contact with the club through the facebook site, I was told that due to illness the tickets had been postponed. I got a message last night to say it was sorted, but as of yet the web site is not got the link sorted. I am travelling up from Devon and booked three nights hotel as I was preparing for the two day event.
So lets hope the tickets are available to us all soon.

@colin17 Same here from Scotland for three nights…

All the boxes ticked, i’s dotted and ts crossed

Tickets are live now

Please Note

All Breakfast Club ticket holders must vacate the yard by 12.30pm.

The Club, Mazda and Car Throttle will and may be filming during the Breakfast Club slot, you may be asked to sign release waivers and appear in footage.

Tom Matano will visit Caffeine machine at 11am and again at 1pm to meet fans in both sessions

The Display Plinths on the lawn will be accessible on the day unless marked as reserved, please follow guidance on the day. If you are lucky enough to get a spot on a plinth, please be aware that about an hour is the maximum you can spend before you will be asked to move.

Your Booking fee covers cost of card processing and postage. Tickets are non refundable or exchangeable once issued.

Please arrive and depart respectfully, you will be asked to leave otherwise and maybe even banned from the yard.

Booked for the afternoon

Thanks for the info Iain.
Booked for the afternoon!

Booked for the morning so hoping they do a good breakfast!

Thanks , yes we are now booked for the morning session, not long now, looking forward to meeting everyone.

I have just purchased my ticket so if not already confirmed the link from MX530 is working. 

Caffeine and Machine AM tickets are now getting low.

Still places for lunch time.

Booked for the morning slot will tickets be sent in the post or is it an online email I’m looking out for as I’ve not had any confirmation for this… 




I only received an "order processing " automated email. An email to the contact email confirmed that tickets will be posted out.


All the tickets ( in large part) will be dispatched today, anyone who has ordered other passes or tickets will be posted from tomorrow.

Got my tickets through today… 


Looking forward to it. 

AM sold out

PM 9 slots remaining