California Mk1 buying advice and opinions please

Hello, I’m currently the proud owner of a Berkeley Mk1 for nearly two years (With no plans to sell). I’ve just found a Mk1 California for sale near me that I’m quite keen to add to the family.

It’s up for £695 but needs both sills doing (that I know of) before its next Mot in April 2021.

I’ve always had a love for yellow cars but I’m trying not to let my heart rule my head.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures, but wondered if anyone had an opinion on this car and any advice on if it’s worth getting.


If everytjhing else is ok, its worth a closer look. With a fairly recent MOT (though hw was that done during lockdown? I think some garages were open, but otherwise owners were being given 6 month extensions), there can’t be too much up with it mechanically.

Yellow MX5s don’t appeal to everyone… The California was unique to Europe; other countries in Eur got 1.8 yellow special editions with various names. Japan got the J-Limited 2, which differed by having a satin black windscreen surround. Spec wise, it had the rare reflex wheels, but otherwise was a fairly standard 1.8i base model (and sports steering wheel). Not many; 300 originally, 200 left now, so fairly rare.

If it just needs sills, paint, new hood, I can’t see this losing any money.

Great colour. Quite rare to see a yellow mk1 on the roads these days, mainly red, silver or green ones. I would check out the mot history on line first to give an indication in overall condition (particularly corrosion). Best of luck.

Thank you for your replies. I wonder if the mot got done early prior to the lockdown (some people are more organised than me!) I’ll certainly check on closer inspection.

I totally agree to see a yellow on the roads is rare, I know it can be a marmite colour but I’d like to keep it going!

Thanks for the best wishes I’m hoping to see it tomorrow.

There weren’t many yellow Mk1s because Mazda had problems painting these. They had to be painted in white, and then yellow.

There were never many yellow cars in the UK in the first place. Only produced in 1991 (Japan and US) and 1994 (Europe and Japan).