Cambelt change

She is 2003 with 59k on the clock and had a cambelt change in 2010 at mileage 39k,

I am currently planning to change the cambelt and have a concern. Do I need change the water pump and the other

belts eg: alternator and steering. or indeed do I need to change anything since in the last 10 years it is only 20k miles since the last cambelt change.

Advice would be most welome


Cheers Patrick




Up to you whether you do it or not.  With the time that’s lapsed, I’d probably be thinking about it for my peace of mind.

If you’re going to get it done, definitely do the whole job - cambelt, aux belts, water pump, idler and tensioner wheels, tensioner spring.  At least look at crankshaft and camshafts front oil seals.  Even replace rad and hoses if they’re original and you’ve got it drained down anyway.  False economy not to do the other bits while you’re in there.

But I’d DIY with no rush to get the car back on the road.  Your circumstances, and therefore costs, might be different.

My opinion only, others will have alternative views.


Hi Steve, thanks for the advice.I will now have a go at changing the cambelt but a snag. The crankshaft locking tool available on loan from the club - is not available because the position of technical consultant is currently vacant.
Do you know what this tool looks like and where might I get one from or perhaps make a copy.
Cheers Patrick