Cambelt removal

In the middle of getting the cambelt off in order to replace the waterpump but have got stuck.

I’m trying to get the crankshaft centre bolt off but just can’t shift it. Have tried doing the procedure mentioned in the Enthusiasts Workshop Manual which involves sticking a screwdriver in one of the bellhousing bolts but that just won’t work.

Some other instructions (Autodata) I got from a friend mentions using what appears to be a special tool (49-D011-102). Is this the way forward?

Anyone got any advice or suggestions?


OK guys, dry sunny day so trying again

Still no go with the car in 5th and brakes etc on, there is still too much ‘give’ in the crankshaft to get some real purchase on the bolt.

And so to plan C (or more), anyone ever fabricated on of these then?

If so I’d be very grateful if you could let me borrow it, otherwise I’ll see if I can get one knocked up, I think it is the only chance of doing it now.

Used the tool and it worked fine.