Camera mount suggestions please


I recently had my first track experience at Japfest Silverstone.

I was experimenting on camera options for in car filming.


I borrowed my friends Gopro 7 black which was great, but the sound cut out as I has the roof down.

Does anyone know how to override the cut out please?

Secondly, I would also like to ask about mount options for an iPhone x.

I want to use my iPhone either suspended to the inside of the windscreen or attached to the bracket between the roll hoops behind the seats.


Oh, I’ve got a 68 plate ND Soft top Sport Nav + 181bhp by the way…if that’s relevant.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Happy driving folks!

I think if you mount your phone too close to the windscreen you may well get a bit of reflection, at least that’s what I’ve found with cameras in cars. As far as sound issues go obviously if the camera is mounted in the airflow you’re going to get a lot of noise you don’t want, in the past I’ve used an external microphone placed between the seats near the tunnel and that’s got me quite a nice soundtrack. If you’re using the Gopro you need to remember to set the exposure for for what’s going on through the windscreen or you’ll find the track is overexposed.

Personally I quite like mounting the camera behind me so I can see where I changed gear etc.

Thank you, the option of mounting at the rear of the cabin is my preference but that’s where the sound cut out due to the wind noise.

You are unlikely to be allowed a sicker mount on the screen without a secondary tether and phones generally don’t lend themselves to that.