Campers for the Hill climb.


Anyone else out there camping for the rally?  Rick and Julie will be on the Camping and Caravan club site nearby and look forward to meeting friends old and new, no doubt Ricks Place will be open as usual for all MX5ers. Cant wait to get there now. Little Babs (Bright Atlantic Blue) has come through her earlier tribulations and is raring to go again (Nasty MOT ouch!) See you all there!!!

 The title conjured up quite a different picture for me - VW Splitties and old Bedford Dormobiles wallowing around the bends, oily smoke belching out of the exhaust as they struggled up the hill Wink

 Hi, we are booked for the same camp site, arriving saturday, see you there!

Mike & Sharon

Well I’m getting on a bit, but not quite that much. I too can picture them!

roughing it in pardon hill farm b&b next to prescott, after touring s/west,Wink

moved thread to rally forum… Wink

and I’m camping nearby, not sure where though, “Katie ? where are we camping ?”


Hi. We are camping at Cheltenham Racecourse with our post MOT, new rear tyres, 4 new brake pads and hopefully new leather seats. (Well new to us!) Black Bess. Liz

I think we’re at the Camping and Caravan Club too.

We would love to meet up with others having now read the accomadation thread I am guessing you are staying at the Winchcobe site so if I can persuade my wife to drive the tow car we will see you there with our folding camper.

If we all go we will be booking the Friday and saturday nights to make a weekend of it.


Hi. No we are booked into Cheltenham Racecourse! Cheaper than Winchcombe!!

Hi John,

Rick and Julie are on the Winchcombe site from Friday till Tuesday possibly Wednesday, look forward to seeing you.

Cheers, Rick and Julie and our little folding Cabanon Venus.

I just booked the last electric serviced pitch at the Winchcombe site for Friday and Saturday night! Can’t wait! See you all there :slight_smile:

Just found Days Inn at Tewkesbury have rooms at £29 per night on special offer. I really wanted to camp but was offered £49 for 2 nights in a tent at one site and sharing a site with three bunches of teenagers at the other  site local to the event. I hope this information is of use to someone. The Days Inn special offer has just appeared today. Premier Inns in and around Cheltenham wanted in the region of £60 per night. Good luck if you are still looking for accommodation. If you book in to the Days Inn please seek us out to say hello.

Chris Cook and Jum Croyden, J58 TNE, green roadster.