CAMPING - What to pack

I tried to exlpain minimalism to my daughter when packing;

I dont think she understands the concept. 


complete with 50litre electric coolbox & chemical bog. 

so now her husband has to take the builders van as well as her & the kids in her car…

many many moons ago I used to take a 2 man Alpine tent, primus, saucepan & teabags, sleeping bag, change of clothes & beer.

times change

Brilliant Joe! But hey, I think she forgot the kitchen sink!

actually, she also bought a folding, flat pack water basin !!

If you can’t fit it in an MX5 then it’s not really camping :slight_smile:

Looks horribly familiar. We are now looking at buying a roof box for the Volvo XC60 as the boot, even with the back seats down, is full when we go camping…

Well, it is important to have your creature comforts when you go away…


Really?!  That’s real planning for you!


Joe -
Is that pile just for this weekend, or a fortnights break? Minimalism is a concept most womoen can’t get their head around, though I’ve seen some men take a sleeping bag, toothbrush, some soap and a towel - period. So it can go too far both ways!

Airline luggage restrictions have drastically altered my present wife’s ideas, as she’s had to downsize her requirements from a couple of suitcases to just one wheelie case, and that’s her limit for a weeks break (“away from me” - she says) My son (now 39) has other ideas, he now has a 2006 A140 which he took to Brighton for an interview last week; As he’s short of ‘ready’ he decided to camp for two nights instead of paying out ridiculous hotel bills, it was full to the roof lining with his gear, and it extended onto the back seat as well. Tent, air mattress, duvet, camp stove and gaz, fold up table and chair, portable clothes bag, cold chest, spare clothing and god knows what else - he travels in style! That lot for two nights! If he decides to go to the continent for a couple of weeks, then the back seats come out so he can fill the space available, and his bike goes on the roof rack as well.
Doubt he’ll ever get a woman, but if he does, then he’ll need a trailer for her stuff as well!

However, we both went to France several times in my car (him and me) and the change is astonishing, he manages with one sports bag and so do I, though somehow the boot still overflows onto the luggage rack! No camping gear though, we holiday in comfort.

We did LeMans3 times in a 7 clone tent sleeping bags folding chairs coolbox and the 2 of us if you pack in bin liners it saves a lot of space , clothes teeshirt 1pairsocks /nickson 1 pair being washed or driing or go commando till they are dry!!, and we brought wine back!!


just for a weekend! & she has just text me to say she’s there but if it rains she has her emergency kit handy (CAR KEYS & SAT NAV HOME  )

Did they manage to get that 2 seater settee in as well


Brings back memories, camping down Devon and Cornwall. Six berth trailer tent towed by a VW camper, the whole family on holiday together, we still had to put up a two man tent as well, happy days.

B&B now for us oldies.

me too for B & B

Is the aquarium going as well?

Heading to Le Mans Classic. Had a trial camping run last weekend. 2 man tent with porch, inflatable double mattress, 1 x electric pump, 1 x sheet, 1 x duvet cover no duvet, hoodies (actually takes less space than 2 sleeping bags and 2 self inflating matts). self inflating decathlon cool box, 10" high decathlon camping table, 2 yoof sized camp chairs. Mrs has an allowance of 1 sports bag for a weeks clothes. I bought a rectangular under bed cloth storage bag. Fill that with my clothes and it fits neatly behind drivers seat, maybe 5" deep but soft. There is still plenty of boot space for camera bag, odds n sods, and bringing vino home. ps; NC3 boot.


Wot, no primus for the obligatory bacon sarnies? 
It is amazing what space an NC3 boot has if you pack carefully but I can’t do the behind seat thing as I am 6’ 5"!

now you mention it, plenty of space for primus, was going to stick to pate baguettes and vin rouge : )