Camping - who is going?

 Early days yet, but got the flyer through today and made me start thinking about camping this year.

Im planning on going and staying at Barlow Lakes for both Friday and Saturday nights and making a weekend of it Big Smile Hopefully with the better half, but maybe my lad if we cant sort out babysitters…

Anyone else planning on going?

 Hi Andy,

There’ll be a group of us from the North East Midlands Area there.


 Hello all,

My son and I are going to the rally and we have also booked into Barlow Lakes for the Friday and Saturday.

We plan to do an organised drive on the Saturday and just chill out in the evening.

Regards John Kent 

Good to see others are going, going to give Barlow a call later and get uis booked in!

 Me and my partner have found a babysitter, so we’ll also be at Barlow. Just need to find the membership card!!!


Booked into Barlow fri and sat nights. Can’t wait


Rick and Julie from North Yorks will be camping at Barlow Lakes and so will our friends from Scotland  Tom and his son Scott.

Cheers, Julie

 Hello Julie,

My son and I are staying at Barlow Lakes Friday and Saturday and eating at the Trout Inn both nights.

We are planning to do the PM local drive on Saturday. Call me if you want to hook up. Mobile = 07947 792875

Regards John

A couple of us from North Thames are staying Friday and Saturday nights at Barlow Lakes and going to the Pie & Pea supper on Saturday.


We will be at Barlow Fri, Sat and Sun and we are booked on the pm drive on Sat. Dont know yet if we are eating out or if I will cook, (I love to cook) as its our 35 wedding anniversary that weekend.

We will meet up with you at some point and I will phone you on site and you can come round for a glass of wine or beer or something. We also have people coming from Scotland so it should be a good mix and as we say in Yorkshire, we will be having a laugh.

Cheers, Julie

Hi, We are staying at Barlow for the whole weekend and are going on the afternoon drive and going to the supper on Saturday. We are the Mocha coloured Outwell tent and its our wedding anniversary that weekend so pop round for a drink.

Cheers, Julie and Rick

Hi to campers,

 We are also camping at Barlow. Obviously very small tent! Mk1 red. Doing the am drive. Hope to meet you later

Gordon & Liz

Hello to all i will be camping on saturday at barlow so if i look lost pleatse help i am in a white mx5 mk2 late decicsion to come as i only just got married bring my wifes dad so hope to see all

please say hello if u see us.




White mx5 mk2,rebuilt engine,style bar,17 inch alloys.knn typhoon kit,mazda sports exshust,ebc greenstuff pads,more to come

 Brave man taking the dad in law on honeymoon and leaving the wife behind !!! lol

good luck with that then, see you both on Sunday