Can anyone recommend a garage to fit a new soft top

I live near Salisbury and need to replace the soft top on my MX5 mk2 (1998) - can anyone recommend a good garage for doing this? Should I but it from MXparts and get it fitted in Portsmouth? Or there is a place I have seen in Woking…

Jack Smith - Swansea if they are still going …

Still going as far as I know,but I think its his son in charge now

There are a few places within striking distance. Car Hood Warehouse, near Chessington. I got my Mohair roof done here and excellent job.
MX5 Parts in Portsmouth do fitting also and Doctor MX5 in Curdridge, near Bishops Waltham.

I had the hood replaced on my mk2 mx5 by specialists:

They did a very good job. I had new hood latches at the same time. They are just outside Dorchester about 1 hr or so from Salisbury.

Had mine fitted by Nick and Tina at the Carhood Warehouse in Sevenoaks, Kent :slightly_smiling_face: Just under £500 for a vinyl with glass :grin::grin::grin:.

Hi Robster,

Yes, Tina and Nick are really excellent and I am very pleased with mine, fitted three years ago, maybe more?

On another note, mine is Bottle Green Mohair to go with the Neo Green Paintwork.

There are a few Mark’s now and the colour needs renovating. I was thinking of using Renovo Green Roof Restorer but The Car hood Warehouse info says not to.
Do you know if Renovo would be ok or is there another product you could possible recommend?

Just by way of an update, I used MX5 Heaven near Dorchester and they were really helpful and the hood looks good so far (vinyl with a glass back screen). I was very happy with their service. Thank you for the recommendation.

Thank you - I went there and they were great.

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Good to hear!