Can I change the unit head?

Hello everybody,

I am new here. I bought my MX-5 last week. It is an approved used car and I love it very much although there is a dent at the back of the passenger side when I bought it. There is an AM/FM radio only for the unit head. I want to upgrade it.

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2018 1.5 [132] SE+ 2dr
  2. I’m based near: Bristol
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:
    • adding / change the head unit with apple car play,
    • install dash cam (font and rear)
    • install rear parking cam
      I have search a lot of websites and cannot find if I can upgrade the unit head. I have no idea on what kind of head I can buy and where to install it. I email one local car stereo shop and they said they cannot help.
      My unit head is like the picture below.

I do not think you can update to the ‘large screen’ type infotainment system without spending a lot of money as it is a Mazda bespoke system.
Unfortunately there are no replacement aftermarket systems for your model so your options are severely limited.


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Thank you very much for the reply.
So , I should give up the apple car play then.
But can I still add rear and front dash cam and
rear parking camera?

I have seen some mirror dash cam. Are they good?
And where can I find a store to install it? I google and saw Halfords but they do not have the model I want.

Really thank you for answering my questions.

p.s. I am very new to UK and I love here very much. Everyone is very polite and patient.

Hi E,
Your best plan is to investigate using your phone for all your needs. You have a usb slot and an aux one that are available for connectivity of the car speakers and controls. A bespoke holder like this Phone Holder, MX5 Mk4 RHD ( would help things along.
Many of us have fitted stand alone cameras which are relatively easy to fit and hide the wires. Your power socket is in the passenger footwell but hard wiring is also relatively easy.
For reversing you could see if any kit is available that is able to talk to your phone by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.