Can I fit 17" wheels to my NC

I am thinking about changing my wheels on my nc from 16" to 17".
What is the general consensus on this?

Yes, no problems.

Thanks Mick.
If I change them to 17" will I need to change them from 215 to 225 width?
I presume that the sidewall will increase as well.
Will this have the visual effect of reducing the gap from the top of the tyre to the wheel arch.

I have no idea.

As above , Mk3 s come with 17s stock so no problems
If your after handling over looks thou stick with the 16s or buy some lighter ones
Only my 2p worth thou so feel free to tell me too mind my own but its the route i went on my mk3.75 but the other way round , i took off the 17s and went 16s i wont ever go back to 17s on the mx5 it handles much better on 16s.

Stock tyres are 205 50 16 and 205 45 17 .

As Paul says above the stock 17’s are 205 45 for tyres. Some go for 215 and no problems fitting them.
You won’t decrease the arch gap by fitting 17" alloys/tyres though, the circumferences will work out pretty much the same on 16 or 17’s. Only lowering the suspension will reduce the gap.

If you want light 17s then the standard 2.0 sport alloys are good at 7.7kg

Do you know if the 2.0 Sport sits lower on it’s springs than the standard 2.0 and 1.8, Mick? The wheel arch gap looks smaller on the ones I’ve seen but I can’t tell if they’ve been lowered a few cm.

The Sport NC1 had Bilsteins fitted as standard, if the car has them fitted (completly standard) then you will still have that ugly arch gap. Now some owners go down the more affordable route of changing the springs out for lowering springs, about 30mm drop is favourite.
You may have seen cars like this, even sold at dealers, it’s very noticeable if they haven’t been lowered. Some owners (me) go the whole hog and have coilovers fitted. The results are pretty good, makes the car look complete, that’s if you are ok with lowered cars and the comfort side. I have no problems and I can’t say I have a perfect back, or any other bones in my body at 67yrs old.:grin:

Lowered cars I’ve owned/own, the red one NC1 sport had been lowered 30mm.

I reckon this car below hasn’t been touched re suspension, look at the arch gap.

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That looks so much better than standard. As you say, ‘complete’, the way it’s supposed to look. Definitely a must have for the NC.

i recently bought a set of riva 17" alloys with almost new tyres for my 1800 nc which fitted straight on and came right out to the outer edge of the wheel arches. which looks very sporty which is nice. however i thought it would fill up the arches more than it did but no same gap. oh well lower springs it will have to be

215s should fill the arches a little better than 205s. Cheaper too :slight_smile:

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have a look at this video. loads of information about wheels etc

thanks for that

MX5 Parts do a range of alloy wheels. OEM and aftermarket.

They also do wheels and tyre packages.

just a silly question… are these wheels £459.94 each or all four at that price?

Lifted from their webpage…
"Also, unlike many alloy wheel suppliers, all ours come as a set of 4 complete with centre caps, 20 new wheel nuts, the required spiggot rings and carry a full 12 month manufacturers warranty."

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thanks. looks like I found what I’m buying next then. cheers :sunglasses:

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yes I have a set of 4 with tyres in very good condition from my 2lt sport tech £450

You can’t beat the OEM wheels for weight and quality, they are probably made in China but production is checked on a regular bases for faults.

I’d be wary about aftermarket wheels and how good the quality is, vast amounts of them will be made in china with stamps on the rim like the JWL or VIA but have they actually been certified, I doubt it.