Can the forum let us know when our inbox is full?

Several times I’ve had need to PM a forum member and been unable to as their inbox is full. No other way of contacting them. As others have done I’ve had to start a thread with their used ID in the title.

Can the forum be set up to either send a message to the user when their inbox is full or bring up a warning flag when they access the forum? Would save a lot of hassle for a lot of users.

My inbox shows I have room for 1000 messages. I suspect the number for non-OC members must be a lot lower.

I have upped the limit for forum only members (and temporarily) blew up the forum in the process…

At one point we had instances of forum only members abusing the PM system to circumvent the advertising rules and the number was throttled back.

If upping the limit hasn’t worked for some reason I’m not going to try too hard to fix it as the complexities and age of this software  configuration render it a bit fragile at times.

We are currently in the early stages of evaluating the forum software (Discourse) that will replace this one at some point this year and will take the opportunity to review and simplify a number of things.

Thanks Ian for upping the limit and sorry to everyone for instigating a temporary hiccup in the system.

Forum has seemed reasonably stable recently but good to hear there’s something better in the pipeline.

In the meantime it would be an idea if we all checked how close to the limit we are running.

All you browsers out there do it now.

Off to check mine now.

Thanks again.