Can we not have a small NMC?

Go on…just a small one :slight_smile: Inject some fun, some joi de vivre back into the forum (a reason to entice people who are currently turning up like refugees on other mx 5 sites because they don’t like the new style)

Any elements that made the last nmc ungovernable, are long gone :slight_smile: I promise it will be a happy fun filled place to be :slight_smile: (and would go some way to removing the pipe and slippers attitude, and ‘firm’ moderating policy that exists here)

Don’t quote me , but after things calm down I see light at the end of the tunnel


You have a small one in the hemel area thread 

I’m not from Hemel and it doesn’t have the letter N M or C in the title… (well ok it has an M )

I really don’t see how hard going into the forum cms and click ‘new forum’ can possibly be…

Hi Alex, I’ve deleted the last two posts as they were most surely not mazda content[;)] I’m going to lock this  post as it is going nowhere. The mini NMC in the Hemel forum is open to anyone who wants to post, including you, just remember there are rules, and inappropriate posts will be moderated