Can we still use the pass if we leave the MX5 at home?

 The family would like to come to the rally so we are going to go in the peugeot, can we still use the pass?





 Think you have to be in a MX5 or anybody could turn up…



My view would be if you’re a member with a hanger or a membership card you get in for free whatever you drive.  You just have to park in the main car park, not with all the 5’s.
You can’t have non members turn up in a 5 and get in for free and members not in a 5 have to pay.!!

 The arrangements are very clear.  Anybody turning up in a 5 gets in free, as does anybody turning up in another vehicle but showing a window hanger or MX5OC Membership Card.

Can’t say fairer that that Big Smile

Ken Stanbury.  Northampton Area Coordinator

As I suspected.  Thanks for the clarification Ken.

Thats good, because I never got a hanger.


I’ve a couple of spare here mate (left over from handing out to the racers at Croft last weekend), I can pop it in the post for you if you want?