CANCELLED Solent Area Visit to Royal Armouries Fort Nelson, Fareham

Hi Sally & Colin,
You are both on the list, will you be doing both the Museum & Cafe?, and thanks for the car park payment.

Hi Chris & Jue,
You are both on the list, will you be doing both the museum & Cafe?

Thank you all who have already registered, the count stands at 25 out of the 30 maximum allowed,
Please could you all be able to confirm if you are doing just the Museum with Picnic or Museum & Cafe.
Many Thanks
John & Patricia.

Hi John please include Val and Bob Thanks

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Hi Bob & Val,
You are both on the list, will you be doing both the Museum & Cafe?
John & Patricia

Hi John & Patricia,

Thanks for arranging this event and will you please put us down for both the museum and cafe.


Sally & Colin

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Hi John & Patricia,
Yes both museum & cafe.
Chris & Jue.

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Hi can you book Andy & Ali in please

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Hi Andy & Alison,
You are both on the list, could you confirm if you are going to the cafe?or staying at the museum with a picnic.
John & Patricia

Hi please add me ,I’ll come to the brickwork cafe too .thanks Jules

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Hi going to the cafe as well

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Hi Jules,
You are on the list,

Hi John are there still space for either me or me plus one ? If so I’d like to do both the museum and cafe please

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Hi Chrystianne,
No problem for 2, we will put you on the list, do you have a name for 2nd person as we have to register with venue, could you also PayPal the £3 to
X Patricia and John

UPDATE Re: Royal Armouries Fort Nelson event 4th October 2020

Due to the overwhelming response the event is are fully booked, Patricia and I now need to collect the £3 parking fee so as to confirm the booking with the venue, please could you make the payment via PayPal to as a friend so we do not pay a fee, (please remember to add the ‘dot between fj & wheeler)

For those members that have not chosen the Wonderberrys Café or Picnic at the museum please could you let us know.

Mal & Serena Rowland … PAID Refunded
Steve & Janet Payne … PAID Waiting to refund
Sally & Colin Newman … PAID Refunded
Chris & Jue White … PAID Refunded
Gordon Ferguson … PAID Refunded
Andy & Alison Brennan … PAID Refunded
Jules Matthews … PAID Refunded
Chrystianne Hayes + 1 … PAID Refunded
John & Patricia Wheeler … PAID Refunded
Colin Reay … PAID Refunded
Judy Grant & Tony Amis … PAID Refunded
Dave & Linda Leach … PAID Refunded
Ron & Angela Clarke … PAID Refunded
Bob & Val Lazell … PAID Refunded
Valerie Cole … PAID Refunded
Gerry Hall … PAID Refunded
Richard & Clare … PAID Refunded

Kind Regards
Patricia and John

Cafe as well please

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Hi John & Patricia
Could you please add myself and Clare to the list for this one. Fort and Cafe afterwards.
Will pay once I get confirmation I am on the list as I know places are going fast.
Richard and Clare.

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Hi Richard and Clare,
Yes the last 2 spaces are yours, we have made note of going to the cafe.
See you both soon.
John & Patricia

Thank you to all the members that have booked, the event is now fully booked, Patricia and I will keep you all updated as the new few weeks go by.

Hi John.
Payment sent by PayPal
Thanks for organising this event.

Richard and Clare

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