Cannot find the "Members Benefits" section

 Hi, might be me having a senior moment but cannot find the Members Benefit Section mentioned in the Insurence Forum.  Can somebody point m in the right direction?  Regards Glenn

 This should be the bit you’re after Glenn:

Think you need to be logged in to the forum to be able to see this area though.

you need to be a paid up Club member to view that part of the forum.  Your forum account suggests you are not but if you are then go back to the forum home page and sign up in the way it suggests to activate you Club forum account and it will become clear… I hope that helps… Big Smile

G’day mate Welcome to the forum–

Just signed in for the first of many visits? Please pop your location in your profile, and the year and model of your MX5 in your sig. This helps enormously when we try to answer questions…

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and hello to you, too


Hi everybody, thankyou for the responses, they highlighted that I had not renewed my membership!    You just cannot get good staff these days!

Now “legal” so will investigate the Insurance offers and post any queries in the Insurance forum.  Will also update my details as recomended.

So, a usefull posting.

Regards Glenn