Cannot post For Sale advert as a Paid Full Member of the Owners Club - help!

Hi there, I’m a paid-up member of the OC, but I can’t seem to post a For Sale advert for my beautiful car. Could someone possibly help me? Many thanks.

I think it’s something to do with signing in to the main body of the OC website as well as the forum.

Click the menu bar on the left with the dot next to it (top of the page) to find out if you are logged in or out.


Make sure you have selected the specific sub category and not the root of the ‘Buy and Sell’ area.

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As said, make sure you’re definitely logged in and within the right forum section. For car sales:

You should then see a ‘New Topic’ button:

Aah, that’ll do it! Thanks, MX5-folks - I must still be tipsy from New Year!

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And I can see the ad now - best of luck with the sale. Looks lovely!

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