Can't change between flat/threaded views when not logged in

As the subject says; I can’t see any way of changing from threaded view to flat view when I’m not logged.
I also think that the choice of threaded view for non-logged in users is wrong.  Given that flat view is the default for most other forums I think that this will be off putting for a lot of people.

Just had a quick look and you dead right , will let martin know


I know, its very, very annoying,  [:@]

I have had a queston on the CS support forum asking how to do it but the method so far suggested doesn’t work ,I have also asked the developers to look at it… but no one seems to want to help yet… everyother CS forum is set to falt view by default, so should we…


Good news, in fact very good… Non logged in users now view the site in the flat non threaded version… Its heaps better…

 Thank you to the guy that did it… [:D]