Car judging error

Well done on the Rally, pity my day was spoilt and countless hours of preperation wasted due to an error in the final judging count up.

When I collected my score sheets after the presentations the judges had written 1st on the top and a score of 267 out of 300.

I queried this and was told there must have been a mix up but the correct car had won? I went and spoke to the winner and he showed

me his scorecard of 263! Well done to him, I wish him well and the car was very nice. However the scores in black and white tell a different storey.

Is the committee prepared to post the scores for all the cars in all classes?

What do you propose to do to correct the error against me?

Also why at the last minute was it decided that there would only be one winner in each class? It was noted that you had a box full of trophys unused

after the event. How is this possible when you had the list of pre-entries by 15th September therefore knowing how many awards would be required?


This was my first event in the show classes, along with most of the others in our class but we have all said we wont bother again which is a shame

when you struggle to get new competitors but if this is how things are run I can understand why. 



I can understand your disappointment and feelings of frustration.
If a mistake was made, then I can only say sorry.
We are trying to completely overhaul the judging system and it is hard work, with a few judges trying to support a new competition organiser.
It’s no excuse that a simple error between the score sheets and the final book with the winners on them has taken place. I’m sorry for you and the rest of the entrants and also that myself and the 2 judges with me have had our hard work going over the cars jeopardised by a simple mistake.

On the issue of no 2nd places or the arrival of a unadvertised concourse winner I cannot comment.

Please do not be put off. There is no conspiracy and we can put measure onto place as the judging procedure evolves for future events.

Alan R
Comp entrant for 6 years and winner on several occasions . Judge for just 3

As said by Alan

Please do not be put off, we are all trying very hard to build this section up into what it should of been many years ago, i am sure someone from the club will be in contact or be in touch some way.

It as been a mistake and human error on the part of the overall score sheets being added together and submited some how?

Please do not let this put you off, as by the sounds of it yours is in fine fettle, there will be teething problems until it is all ironed out and wrote in stone, but it is starting to get there, once a permanent team is in place it should all be solid, i myself jugded and enjoyed getting to meet the owners(most knew me any way) and we had a great day and a good crack while doing so which made it and enjoyable thing to do.

Just for info the only one that got a clear judging sheet was Alan Mk 2 white RS model ;0)

Please do not throw in the towel


Thank you for your reply Alan, a nice honest answer. Hopefully a response from the competitions organizer of the club will be forthcoming.

At the moment I feel aggrieved that I simply wasted my time in spending my whole day off last Monday plus at least an hour every evening after work

preparing my car to show at the Owners Club’s National Rally! Unlike many of you I don’t have a garage space for my car so it lives outside all year round

without any protection (covers I have tried either blow away or get stolenFrown) plus getting up at 4.30am on the day to be ready for the 6.15am departure to

arrive on site for 08.30am to allow another couple of hours prep of the car. In hind sight I could have just got up at a normal hour on a Sunday morning and driven up to the show for about 11.00am, parked up and enjoyed the showUndecided.

I didn’t come expecting to win, in fact I thought 3rd would have ben a good result. However after the judging my car came out with the highest score but due to a

admin/clerical error my results were overlooked and I lost my chance to receive a trophy on the day. Now for a club as big as the MX5 OC with it’s 6000+ members

and 19 years experience for this to happen at the National Rally is simply not good enoughEmbarassed. Also can the committee please explain the sudden loss of 2nd place awards in the larger classes? All the 6 cars in my class (MK1 Lightly Modified in case you forgot) were under the impression that we would be awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd so the news that only 1st and 2nd would be acknowledged was already a surprise to us. During the awards presentation the other owners I spoke to all agreed that we would not have bothered to enter at all if we had known that 1st place only would be awarded.

I don’t get the time or have the funds to attend the Rallies held throughout the country hence I have only been to the Spring Rally in Kent 2011 and Sandringham so even the chance to ‘have another go’ next year is extremely limited. I now feel robbed of my year of being best in classFrown.  I feel that the Committee should admit an error was made, for whatever reason, and the honest way to resolve it would be to declare the official result in this class as a draw for 1st place, issue a belated trophy and ensure the result is shown as such in the HTST report. That way although I didn’t get the chance to get my picture taken and trophy award at least I would have the recognition of best car in class on the day as awarded by the 3 judges.



We have been made aware of this issue and it is being investigated, there is still work ongoing to unpack and return after the Rally so please can you bear with us.

I will echo the comments of those above, a great deal has gone into getting a strong, robust judging and scoring system in place for the club over the past 12 months which is set to serve the car competitions well into the future. This new system has already help serve to highlight what then what appears to be an administration error.

The car competitions are an important part of the National Rally and we hope to continue to encourage members to partake, getting things right is obviously important and your frustrations are very much understood.

Will be back in touch just as soon as, but thank you for outlining what would be satisfactory resolution.


Thank you Iain, and Mazda Mender, for your reply. I await with interest the outcome from the committee.

Thanks all, I’m sure this can all be sorted. But will lock the thread if that’s OK as rest assured the comps team are going to bottom this one out…