Car similarities

This is something that I’m sure everybody has noticed at some time or another,and that is how some cars/motorcycles look very similar, sometimes its obvious, but other times you wonder who copied who.
As an example, I was browsing through C and SC recently and realised how similar the Datsun 240z was to the Ferrari 365, particularly the front end, the more you look the more examples you see, if you get what I mean,…I know, I should get out more , but beats reading about the virus .

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I hear you! I always saw a bit of late 60’s Stingray in my RF.


Columbo’s Pug always reminds me of a Bristol, …sorry :grimacing: :smile:


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I think it’s true to say that the Japanese took their design principles from the old adage, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. It’s definitely true to say that very many of the cars from Japan in that era were almost direct copies–in the way that Chinese domestic market cars are today. That’s an amusing study; they haven’t even attempted to change the design, just outright copied it!

Agree, and I’ve got to admit, they often do a good job, even the early Honda motorcycles were faster , more reliable and didn’t leak oil like some of the Brit bikes, although I have a soft spot for old motorcycles, and Triumph have risen again with style. There was a thread a while ago comparing the MX5 Mk1 to the Lotus Elan, I for one can see the similarity, but each to his own , but its surprising how many vehicles are so similar , and I wonder, coincidence or copy :thinking: :blush: