Car Stolen

Feeling gutted, we were broken into last night, MX5 stolen and Sam’s car!

Take care!

Really sorry to hear this news. Why not post details of your MX5 on here in case anybody spots it. Model, colour, reg, area you live in etc. Hope you get it back soon.

Thanks Andrew, worse thing is someone came into the house for the keys.

Car is a 2018 Grey MX5 RF. Reg no oo06NGL. Live by M54 Junction 1, 5 mile West of Cannock.

So sorry to read this.

We had a similar experience in 2010 when low lifes broke in and took the keys to my Mazda 3 MPS and stole it.

Our mistake…leaving the keys accessible on the hall table.

We got over the loss of the car very quickly but it took my wife and daughter a long time to feel settled and safe in the house again.

My thoughts are with you.

Bad luck on losing your cars etc Nigel_Sam, low lifes go unpunished!

Sometimes it is better to leave them accessible so they just take the keys and go rather than terrorise the occupants of the house once they get in and demand the keys which happens all too frequently because they know they will mostly get away with it.

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What Cap’n Haddock said.

I’ve had family member on receiving end - very nasty experience.
Advice from police at the time was, “Don’t leave keys visible from windows, doors, letterbox, but DO leave them where they can found easily once somebody has gained entry… a lost car is a pin, but nothing compared to other alternatives”

I hope you and family can work through the emotional turmoil, ATB, Tim

Hi Nigel and Sam
So sorry to hear this bad news. we do hope the cars are quickly recovered
without further problems, hoping for better news.
Best regards
Keith and Elaine

So sorry feel gutted for you both. Hope you get the cars back and those responsible are caught.

So sorry to hear your news. The country is being overtaken by lowlife and as an ex magistrate I can tell you how difficult it is to deal with them adequately! Glad to hear you are OK though. A car can be replaced.
Best wishes

Sorry to hear your news.
Chris &Christine.

Also, for newer cars with ‘keyless’ entry - like my wife’s Mazda 3, get ‘faraday cage’ pouches for the keys. Even if out of sight, some thieves can relay the signal to open a car parked on your drive, if the key is not shielded.

Only just spotted your post. You must be gutted. So sorry to hear your news.
All the very best

Sorry to here about your car. Hope you find it soon.
Might be good to post a photo so if someone sees it they can let you know where and when it was seen. Hope your okay will take time to get over the shock of someone coming into your house.


Hi Nigel Sam, just read that your car and Sams was stolen, words can’t describe how you feel .We are sure the whole club will be on the lookout for you.
Really sorry this has happened to you .
We will keep everything crossed for you.
Mike and Margaret.