Car Supply Solutions (CSS)


I came across CSS on AutoTrader ( They market themselves as MX-5 Specialists and enthusiasts who source their cars nationally as dealership part-ex examples, test drive, valet and sell them on as being presented at their very best. Has anyone here had any direct experience of this dealer or know anyone who has?


Never heard of them but check their reviews on Autotrader (verified purchases).

71 reviews, 4.9/5.0

68 @ 5*

2 @ 4* One of these appears to because they had to pay by bank transfer not debit card.

1 @ 1* According to the seller the prospective buyer shook hands on a deal but refused to pay a deposit to secure the car. Then got upset when they sold it to someone else.

Looks to have some very nice stock.


I’ve done a little bit more research. Apparently, they have supplied MX-5s to plenty of their local MX5OC members. However, the lack of response on here makes me a little suspicious.

Can’t find anything negative about them which is a very good sign. Not that many people go to the trouble of leaving good reviews. The ones that aren’t happy usually shout it from the rooftops.


I bought an Mk3 2.0 Sport from them last month. No issues so far.