Car Value Thoughts

Hi Guys,

After 3 years I’m think of selling my mk1,  I’m having problems though finding a site that will be able to value my car as it’s an Eunos import and the reg doesn’t get recognised.

Any suggestions on any sites that would be able to give me a value on my car?




Hi Mark

There are so many variables with these cars so you will never get an accurate valuation off a website.

It is difficult enough for specialists to place an accurate valuation, particularly where the car is ‘special’.

I recommend previous sale prices of similar cars as a guide. Perhaps you know an MX5 specialist or similar trusted person who could help you.

Check out the MOT history of your car because that is very likely what prospective purchasers will be looking at.

Horrible time of year to sell an MX5 so I would think carefully and plan to sell in late March/April when us fair weather MK1 drivers start to wake up.      


What’s it worth to you though Mark? How long is a piece of string might be an easier question to answer TBH. £500 spares car to £15,000+  collectors car from a specialist dealer, or anywhere in between. Is it an interesting model or specification, condition is paramount, documented history with the car? Put some more information up, get some good pictures up of all the important areas etc. There are a few people on here that could give you more than just an opinion as to value. Having said all that, a “What’s it worth” topic is not the way to go on this forum. Get it in the classifieds on here, with a price you’re happy with, you’ll soon see if you’re way out with your valuation.


As Barrie says above, how long’s a piece of string. If it’s a rust free car and (body and chassis) then it could be a worth a fair amount, the only trouble is owners see rust free in different ways.

The only way to find out is to advertise it with loads of pictures showing it’s warts and all, not just a few pics taken from around 30ft. The best thing as mentioned in other posts is get an idea what’s gone before sales wise. Search the internet for an idea what’s sold or for sale around what your model is, year/condition etc and base your price on that.

Hope you get what you want for it.

If its ever had welding done, its not rust free. From you posting history, I’m guessing its had some work done.

If you are looking at book values, would you rate your car as 1, 2 or 3?

Ads only give asking price, not selling price. Ads here only get a small audience, and almost everyone here has a MX5 already. So difficult to say if a car sells slow here, or an owner struggle to get a fair price, how that relates to the wider market.

Whether the car is “an interesting model” generally means neither here nor there to the market value, including the allegedly MX5 enthusiast market.

A solid, MOT’d Mk1, without any obvious faults, is worth £2000 give or take 20%, probably take in the depths of winter.

I’m still torn to be honest as I love the car but i’m struggling to find the time to work on the car recently.  I’m very proud if it and have done almost all there is to do (suspension, roof, interior, timing belt etc), I have the all the receipts since I’ve owned it but nothing prior to that -its a lovely drive and I don’t think I’ll find something as much fun again!


Only issues are that it does have rust starting to show on the rear arches and the roof has seen better days, its fully waterproof (mohair) but a new owner would probably look to replace as it has a few marks and bit of wear where it folds down on itself.  If I done these jobs I probably wouldn’t get my money back hence why I thinking of selling now (or in March as rhino suggested).

Appreciate all the feedback guys its been really useful, who knows the sun may pop back out and ill have an epiphany moment and keep it


a good en’ will sell anytime of year .

sold mine 12th december , lad came over 200 miles for it 

good luck if ya decide to keep or sell 

If we take SAZ valuation of a around £2,000 and your picture is too general to properly see the rear sills and arches.

If you take it to somewhere that does it correctly and changes both rear wings your are talking £1,500 but most people will not pay that.

Most people will get someone who will do an OKish job that will last a few years then the rust will be through again in three or four years and that is around say £1,000.

Therefore the car as it is today is worth a bit below £1,000 if both rear arches are rusty.

I would be tempted to walk away from a car like that and pay say £2,000 or a bit more if there was no rust on another car after a boroscope and car ramp inspection.

It is difficult to get your money back on an old car.

True there, sold an automatic mk1 on Christmas eve.