Carol-Ann's Birthday drive - Sunday 4th September 2022

Please add Claire and Sandy for the drive and meal… looking forward to it

Can you put us down for 2 x Roast beef and desert
Nigel & Janet

Please add me to the list please. £5 paid at tge bar ha ha.
Roast beef for me please
@WAM here the link for you

We’d like to have all deposits collected in for the meal at The Fox Inn so we can pay the pub no later than Sunday 7th August. We dont think that we’ll be seeing any one face to face before 7th August now, so those who have not already given us your deposit will need to do this via a bank transfer.

Please send Ian a text (07814956951) and Ian will provide account details for you to transfer your deposit into.

We have 23 cars on the run at the moment.

Ian & Carol-Ann
Martin & Anne
Ray & Glennis
James & Dorian
Dave & Julie
Nigel & Janet
John & Jan
David & Ann
John & Michele *
Max & Michele
David & Cath
Paul & Pam
Mick & Suzanne
Paul & Jayne
Chris & Angie
Steve & Rachel *
Don & Kate
Sandy & Claire
Graeme & Christine
Karen & Dave
Phil & Josie

  • £5 deposit / person required by 7th August please

We’re hoping to be able to confirm specials of the day after we have paid the deposit but here’s a few snaps of the Sunday menu black board. If you already know what you’d like to eat then please let us know.

Hi Ian & Carol-Ann:
Can we join you for the run & meal please.
Will contact Ian re the deposit .

Graeme & Christine

Hi, Can you please add Karen and Dave to both the drive and meal?

Many thanks


Please may we have any outstanding meal deposits by the end of today.

Hi can you add Phil and Josie to the run
And meal
Will transfer money deposit

Thank you for the 40 people who have paid their deposit for their meal at The Fox Inn on 4th September, which I have now paid to the pub.

Those yet to pay a deposit have a * by their names in the list above. Please can you confirm that you wish to eat with us and provide me with your deposit payment.

I have requested The Fox Inn to send me details of roast / pie / fish of the day choices and will post these details as soon as I receive them.