Cars & Coffee @ Down Royal racecourse dates

Does anyone happen to know the dates TSCCNI are having Cars & Coffee @ Down Royal Racecourse? Had a look on their website but not on the calendar yet.

Is there any other similiar events on?

Dates have yet to confirmed.

Cars and coffee dates at Down Royal racecourse run by LOVC and the TSCCNI are listed below.

Sunday May 6th.
Sunday June 17th.
Sunday August 5th.
Sunday September 2nd.
Sunday October 7th.

Hope this helps.

Anone know if these Cars and Coffee events are no longer taking place? Was going to go yesterday but was told my another OC member they are no longer having them which is a shame as it was always a good show.

The new owners of the Maze racecourse have stopped all but horsey type events from taking place within the grounds…

I have just seen that they are holding cars n’ coffee this year:


Lisburn City Old Vehicle Club and Thoroughbred Sports Car Club have agreed on dates for 4 meets during 2019, they are:- 
Sunday 24th March 9am – 1pm
Sunday 26th May 10am – 3pm
Sunday 28th July 10am – 3pm
Sunday 8th September 9am – 1pm

This is the link for facebook:


And the link for the website:


Cheers ??