Castle Combe Action day 12th June

 Anybody know anything about this? I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find any information about MX5 OC attending their “Classic and Sportscar Action day” but in the write up it claims that many clubs had already booked including the MX5 OC. I’d be interested in going and in the 15 minute track passes as well.

It’s a pity there’s no response to this post as I would have been interested in going to Combe to see some other MX5ers. I can’t find anything on the South West or Oxford sites either :frowning:


I’ll be there Dancing


 Me too!

 I will be there with the Wessex MX-5 Club. I am fairly sure that as an official club we can apply to Castle Combe for some “complimentary” addmission only tickets. As far as I know they are free. The organisers at Castle Combe I guess want a selection of car clubs displaying to make it an interesting day out for the paying public, so are prepared to supply these tickets to the clubs. This gives you access to a dedicated club parking area in the paddock and viewing of the on track action. If you want to go on track you need to pay separately. It may be to late to get free ones for the June action day but may be worth getting your area coordinator to enquire in the future. Take a look here :- and it should give you all the details. Think I am correct and hope it is of some help but dont quote me, but looking at this booking form    “package 1” will give an accepted club 12 free tickets.

There weren’t any spare tickets so you’ll have  to pay to get in Sad sorry. 

Hope you still going to come, the weather forecast is sunny Smile


hi all that attended the track day. Just want to say thanks for all that made us feel welcome on our first OC event, although we did wander off a little. Great day look forward to Silverstone even more now.

 Agree it was a cracking day, with one of the better than usual turnout from the various MX-5 clubs. Appologies for not getting round to speaking to most of you that attended, but what with having a look round the club stands, watching the on track action and going out on track myself the day just went by. I thought “Swanny’s” car was looking rather good but then so were all the others. Perhaps if we can spread the word we can get good gatherings there in the future. I think being a “Classic & Sports” theme made it was a bit less busy public wise than the previous one in April which was a “Performance Car” one, which made it a bit more relaxed. Next one is September 11th so may see some of you there or at the Silverstone Classic.

 Yes, great day out especially when the sun came out, nice to see you all there, roll on Silverstone