Castle Combe Action days

Hi Guys, just wondering if the club attends these any more? Had a search and couldnt see anything recent

I would hope the club would have more sense.
These are famous, no, legendary for their wild driving and quantity of ending a cars life early.


That’ll be why the club doesn’t appear on the list then! Only been to Combe once before for a “Bikesafe” day which was a pretty well organised and tame affair.

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I remember doing one of these 20 years ago with the OC (Lulworth Castle Weekend). It was indeed horrific. One poor sod had his MG Midget written off after someone in a 205 ploughed into the back of him. A brace of Lotus Carltons looked impressive until they found they had cooked their brakes after a few laps, and spent the rest of the time limping around.

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