Cat D MX5 insurance issue

Hi guys,
Just a quick question you maybe able to help with?
I recently spotted a very tidy early NC for sale privately, which I was quite taken with.
However, the car has been recorded as a CAT D.
Which gives me a bit of dilemma, on inspection it would appear that any repair work has been carried out to a very high standard from an initial viewing and if confirmed by my regular mechanic I would proceed.
My main concern is how much the car will cost to insure?
I have heard some insurers, don’t cover cars that have been recorded as CAT C or CAT D etc, whilst others demand serious money to insure the vehicle?
Any help gratefully received?

I’ve no idea, and this is not a recommendation but you could PM @DAN_ADRIAN_FLUX on this forum.

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They are out there.

At what price though?
Photo evidence of before & after might help.

No problem at all. I had a Cat c car

I’ve had cat D many moons ago , no issues with insurance :red_car::red_car::red_car:

As I understand it, the main thing about a Cat D car is that insurers will only pay out around 60% of the market value on write-off. Thus Cat D cars tend to attract a lower initial purchase price.


Thanks bally,

I may follow this up, tbh I was suprised when found out the car was a CAT D as it was so level.
Must have been very light damage or possibly stolen and recovered?

Thanks Scotishfiver, I maybe get a quote, it looks like a decent motor and right mileage 60,000 miles not too low, not too high and has service history plus the 2.0 litre power unit.
Best Wishes

Not true. My Neighbour in Scotland wrote off a Mazda Roadster RS theat had been a Cat D twice and got full market value

Hi my cars a cat d nc 3.5 never had a problem with insurance I have used LV Tesco.

Never been asked about this sort of detail after many online and telephoone insurance quotes/purchases. Just get a significant discount and pocket the benefit.

Just to let you know that the majority of our insurance schemes have no issues with insuring previously written off vehicles.
If you wanted to PM me some contact details I’d be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back if you wish.

I would like said look for damage photos, there’s places out there that store all that information.

A cat d to one insurance company might be repairable via insurance to another.
My friend works in the automotive industry and deals with buying insurance write offs some of the cars that get written off have minimal damage that the only conclusion he can come up with is foul play. Some sort of cash exchanged in a private manner.

There’s so many MX5 mk3 out there, not even that expensive that I would only really buy a cat d if it was fully kitted out with some goodies. Each to their own.