Centre Caps for NC 1.8

I have a 2009 Mk 3.5 roadster and am about to get the wheels refurbished and powder coated.

As part of that I would like to get the centre caps replaced but can’t find the part number to order new ones from eBay. Can anyone advise where I could find this number?

Ordinarily I would go to Mx5parts, but they are out of stock until October, hence turning to eBay. The wheels are being done next week.

As far as I can tell, the wheels are original stock but photo attached for info.


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A little info …

You can remove the chrome effect (plastic Mazda emblem) from the cap and get the cap sprayed at the same time as the wheels. Clean the chrome badge up and replace.

If that doesn’t work for you these caps should be available from the dealer. I wanted some for my 17" sport wheels, the computer said only available in black finish so I went with those, they actually look good against silver finish wheels
Sit down when they give you a price though, something like £8 each around 5 years ago.
Maybe yours, look like 16" alloys could be different in price and availability?

Mick is right - I had my wheels refurbed in anthracite a while ago and I just removed the emblems from them and had the guys paint them in the same colour (not powder coated, obviously).

they came out really really well - I’ll post a pic of you’re interested

Mick, Chris - thanks for thus information. Sounds like a solution. At the risk of seeming very stupid, how do I detach and then re-attach the emblem?

Chris - some photos would be great, thanks.

I’m still a little undecided on what colour to have the alloys powder coated in. The car itself is silver, so I suspect will end up going for silver alloys.

That’s a few pictures of mine.

The colour really does depend on the car itself… Mine are dark anthracite and they really complement the car I feel. But I’m also contemplating having the car wrapped in the distant future so I’m fairly confident that they’ll still look good regardless of what colour I choose for the rest of the car, likely a lime green, electric blue or candy/cherry red.

Take the center caps out in the usual way and when you get them off, you’ll see that the emblems have 3 small push fit tabs that hold them to the cap itself.

Start by pushing them with your thumb… In some cases this will be enough to remove them.

If not (don’t be surprised if they don’t move at all), I found the best way to remove them without damaging them was to hold each cap firmly in the palm of my hand and then with a fairly soft but rigid object (I found the wooden handle of a hammer worked well), push them out.

Ensure the handle of the hammer has made full, even contact with the tab itself (don’t hit them with the hammer) and then push against them. The tabs should slot through the holes in the cap and the emblem will protrude enough that you can just remove it completely.

Don’t rush it, after many years they’re likely to be very brittle and you can easily break them clean off if you’re heavy handed.

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These are the ones I got from the dealer, they only had black in the size I wanted for the NC2 17" alloys. Thought about painting them silver to match but left them as is.
With care as Chris says you can release the tabs on the rear of the cap to remove the chrome emblem.

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Dilemma! Both sets look very good indeed; thanks for posting the pictures. As an aside, were the brake calipers painted or powder coated when you had the wheels done?


I painted them by hand while the wheels were at the powder coaters. E-tech caliper paint, it’s good stuff. Did both my cars with that paint.

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Quick question, where are you getting the wheels done?

Again, another vote for refurb. It’s really easy to remove the logo, with care, than clean, flat, prime and choose your paint colour and polish the chrome logo. If you don’t like the colour once you’ve done it you can change easily. Nice easy and effective job

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It’s a place nearby - they did my undersealing last year and seem to have an arrangement with a wheel refurb specialist. Preserve and Protect.

I did mine in red and very pleased with them.

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I believe the style of wheel you have is 131 part number 9965-D7-6560 (16”) and the part numbers for the centre cap is KD51-37-190 (Black) and BBM2-37-190 (Silver). I think you will find the part number on the reverse of the cap, not sure.

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The red centre caps look really great, and if I had space and time I would definitely have the centre caps painted. However, short of both so have ordered from eBay. Thanks to top tenor for part number!

Looking at undersealing issue myself, can you let me know where you had it Donegal please.

Ted, their website is:

They are based in Johnston, about 10 miles from Glasgow. Good reputation - I would happily use them again.

Brilliant, many thanks. I’m in Largs so handy for Johnstone.

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These look amazing. Hoping to do mine this weekend now I have seen this an read the advice on how to do them

Wheels have been refurbed and going to collect the car this morning. Had them paint the caliper and top up the underseal at the same time. Only problem was the new centre caps didn’t fit, so plan to paint the old ones as suggested. Could I ask what type of paint people used?